My Journey Through Weight Loss

So I have been on a major lose weight kick! In October I was just like I don't want to be this size anymore I'm unhappy. So from October 25 to January 29 I lost 24.6 pounds. Lately I have been slacking and gained about 10 pounds back but I haven't lost motivation, I started back up again eating healthy and working out hard core. I chose to try t25 for 15 weeks and let me tell you its an ass kicker for sure! I'm getting in cardio and strength plus I walk and do a stationary bike. I love yoga so I do that also! I have been eating five times a day, three meals and two snacks. I am not in weight watchers or any other diet plans. I watch what I eat and I move on! I live by the motto: "Don't just wish for it work for it", whomever made that up was amazing!

I have inspired so many people to start watching their  food intake and working out to try to get into shape. I just want to be fit and happy, not skinny! Its nice that my fiance has jumped on the ride with me and he lost the same amount and is now toning up! I am so happy to be on this journey and want to jot down my life for those who have a weight loss struggle themselves! It can be done if you are truly dedicated and ready for a change! Your not dieting, your changing your lifestyle! 💪

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Looking for a change 👌


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