House of DVF

Sunday is the finale of House of DVF. In case your living under a rock when it comes to the fashion industry, let me explain DVF.

DVF, Diane Von Furstenburg, is an American women's fashion designer. She is known well in the industry for her signature wrap dress and patterns, her election as the new president of the CFDA, Counsel of Fashion Designers of America in 2005, and her philanthropic work with Vital Voices, a non-profit organization. DVF is an avid supporter of women around the world. As she is quoted saying, "The success of every single woman is the inspiration for another". Let's not forget that Whitney Port left The Hills for her spin-off show, The City, and to work for the DVF label in PR.

Photo: E!
DVF is not only famous as a designer and philanthropist but now for reality TV. House of DVF premiered this November on E!. The reality show follows the work ethic of a global fashion icon, Diane, and her search for the first Brand Ambassador of the label. For the position, eight girls are challenged to show their talents through shoots, tasks, styling, PR, and everything the fashion industry brings. While some are more experience than others, there are three girls left standing and there will only be one Brand Ambassador. Out of the three girls remaining, Kier Mellour, Brittany Hampton and Amanda Schauer, I am totally team Amanda.

All of the girls show persistence and confidence for the position of Brand Ambassador but, I think Amanda is the MIP, most improved player. She started off as just the nice, soft spoken girl, but she has embraced her talents and gained a backbone. She fights for what she believes and she makes her opinion count and I love that! She is a true definition of a classy, professional, independent and powerful woman. Hoping she wins, I think she will do wonders for the DVF brand. Make sure you tune into E! this Sunday at 10pm eastern time!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Ready for this showdown!


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