Stress Relievers For the Fashionista

With everything going on between school, work, family, friends, bills, pets, cars, taking care of the house and trying to stay sane, I find myself being stressed and overwhelmed. I have put together a list of my stress relievers, which can uphold a budget friendly wallet, also.

1. Reading a good book. Reading not only is calming and relaxing but, it is a great stress reliever. When I am having a bad day, I go home and read my book. It soothes my soul and gets my mind off of anything else that is going on, even if it is for only an hour.

2. Listen to music. I always say this, music is my muse. It really is. I don't have just one taste of music, I love all genres of music, all long as the beat is good. Whether it be, country, rap, pop, r&b or heavy metal, if it sounds good, I like it. Some of my go to songs are from the 90s, 80s and the millennium. I love a good classic or a song from my youth. Put together a song list of 20 of your all time favorites tunes from different genres of music and let that be your go to when your stressed.

3. Sewing. I love to sew! Sometimes when I am stressed, I find myself at the fabric store. I will sew something simple like, a tote bag, makeup bag or skirt. Since, with me, sewing can get stressful, I stick to basics in sewing, something simple, but something that still needs more attention than focusing on stressful thoughts.

4. Working out. It can be hard to start to workout but, once you do, you feel amazing! Exercising is a great stress reliever, and very good for your health. I like to do intensive workouts when I am really stress, it calms me down, and makes me focus. Yoga is a really great stress reliever workout!

5. Shopping! I am sure you seen this one coming! Shopping is a great focus. Taking your mind off of stress in your life for a good hand bag or pair of pixie pants is great. Take some friends with you also, this will definitely give your body the relief you need. You will have a great day and get some great fashion finds out of it. Just don't start to stress about how much your spending.

6. Tanning. Seriously. I know tanning is not good for your skin and has bad side effects but, what doesn't? I love laying in a warm, quiet tanning bed. I normally use this time to think. I also find myself enjoying going tanning when it's that time of the month, the warm tanning bed helps with any cramps I may have.

7. Sex. It really is a stress reliever. There are plenty of books and magazines that give you many reasons why. Have you ever read a Cosmo Magazine? If not, pick one up!

8. Walking. Sometimes  am so stressed that I just want to take a walk. Whether it is on campus, while I am at home or even on vacation. If I am feeling stressed taking a walk around the block, down the beach, in the city or in the park, I love just walking and collecting my thoughts.

9. Spa Day. Taking a day away from everything is always a great idea. I love going and shutting off my phone, getting a manicure, pedicure, hot stone massage and a facial. Going with my girls is such fun, also. This is a great way to keep up with our social lives, and also just relax away from our daily duties.

10. Video Games. So according to my fiance, playing video games is his biggest stress reliever. I value his opinion so I added it to the list. I know many fashionista's who are gamers, good gamers at that. I like to play games on occasion so I completely see that video games are a great way to tune out any stress going on and take your mind into a virtual reality away from reality.

I hope these stress relievers help in your daily routines. Take advantage of any spare time you may have by choosing different activities throughout the day that will help reduce stress for a happier, healthier you.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Living Stress Free


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