Brasserie Gabrielle: A "French Collection"

Karl Lagerfeld is never one to fail to surprise. Karl’s last fall collection for Chanel 2014 was featured in a, now-famous, faux supermarket. Although he has never set foot inside a supermarket, the collection turned out flawless as always as his shoppers, models, walked the faux aisles of the show. Let’s also not forget his spring show that offered feminist protesters. So what did Karl Lagerfeld have up his sleeves this year, the question everyone was anticipating the answer too while awaiting their invitations. This years Chanel Fall 2015 collection took place in a café, also named Brasserie Gabrielle. Karl’s top models, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls, were sat at their own table. Opening and closing the show together, besties Kendall and Cara walked the show with grace.

The models that wore beautiful ruffled skirts made up to take the place of aprons, played the part of the French bistro waiters. Bowties in tact, some carried plates. Others wore ensembles for a lunch, dinner or gala with friends, leaving social media behind and enjoying each others company. Karl Lagerfeld always sends a special message with his collections and this one was heard.

      Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palasia’s into a masterpiece café. The stadium seats turned into leather covered-booths. The tables had white cotton linen covered on top. There were multiple bars within the set up, serving champagne but also, food, orange juice and espresso, a beautiful Parisian Café set up. While the models took their seats at their tables, guests arrived on a faux-mosaic and very intricate floor. The front row consisted of Rihanna, Florence Welch, Alessandra Mastronardi and Carmen Kass who brought her eight year old goddaughter, Coco. Amoung guests were his godson, Hudson Kroenig and dad, Brad. During the show Anna Wintour is pictured faux-scolded little Hudson as their table.

      The ‘French Collection’ as Karl Lagerfeld calls this collection features shoes designed by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel herself. Karl admits that this is the first time, since taking over the company in the eighties, that he has used an original shoe design by the legend. The sling back, cap-toe, square-heel style complimented his origami-quilted puffer coats well. Along with the garments he found humor within the accessories by adding forks and spoons on the quilted handbags. All the ladies wore a causal, French look with their makeup and gave a sense of chic style throughout the runway. Details carefully selected right down to the coins on the tables portraying the tips left for the waiters.
Photo: PurseBop

Photo: PurseBop

      Among the girls that came in from two different directions Karl Lagerfeld had a few men in tweed walking the runway to muse about gender equality and diversity. Classic Chanel shown through the sights of this collection, with tweedy-plaids, patterned sweaters with skirts under glittering parkas, layers over classic Chanel jackets and jeans. Puffer coats and paper thin leather, colors such as classic white and black along with blues, bold reds and military greens. Fresh trapeze little black dresses strolled down the runway along with a huge triangle coat in a celestial cacophonous merger of plain gray wool and frenzied jeweled feathers. Karl Lagerfeld never disappoints and after the terrorist attacks on Paris earlier this year, a day-to-day setting is just the calmness everyone needed. It was a sight to see, something out of a dream. Lagerfeld has us all dressing as bistro waiters for the fall and it is something we will all be looking forward to.
Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Inspired by Karl


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