New Designer Spotlight: Paulina Susana Romero Valdez

Photo: AAU Blog
      The Academy of Art University's annual New York Fashion Week graduate fashion show took place on the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine's day. A total of 15 students from the School of Fashion debuted their thesis collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Elisa Stephens, the President of The Academy of Art University said, "It is an incredible opportunity for our students to debut their collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week", and so right she is. Out of the 15 designs, Paulina Susan Romero Valdez is in the spotlight.

Photo: AAU Blog
Paulina's collection, "It's Only Heritage", examined where she came from and how it has influenced her as a designer. Growing up in Mexico, her collection draws inspiration from her roots as well as her interest in baroque art and culture. This collection offers a baroque style itself with fabrics of wool tweed, wool baroque, herringbone, silk, cotton, hand-dyed leather, and is accented with traditional and effervescent embroidery. She choose colors such as pinks, purples and blues of different hues, along with blacks and greys. The collection offers three stages: The Baroque, from looking into her mothers' eyes and her exposure to baroque culture, The Mexican, signifies her traditional Mexican culture, and The Strong, brings the collection together with the thought that everything good and bad meets together in the end. 

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Graduate Student at AAU

Photos taken by Jenna Garlock 
Sketch Photo from AAU Blog


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