Spotlight: Patrick Demarchelier

“I have Patrick!”, the infamous line said by Emily Blunts character, Emily on The Devil Wears Prada. His name is thrown around in such movies along with cameos in Sex and The City, also Americas Next Top Model. Patrick is one of fashions most famous photographers. Patrick Demachelier that is.

Patrick Demarchelier and Karl Lagerfeld
Photo: Patrick/Karl (
Starting his career taking photos for passports, Patrick Demarchelier was given his first camera at a young age by his stepfather. Not able to get a job, at twenty years old he worked taking photos for passports in Paris, France. This is then that he realized he had a high passion for photography.

Patrick moved to New York City where he has worked for almost every major fashion magazine including Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar where he is now their premier photographer. He has shot magazine covers for Glamour, Life, Rolling Stones and many more and also done ad campaigns for Dior, Chanel and GAP, among plenty others. Patrick Demarchelier is a well-known photographer that every one who is any one in fashion has worked with including Anna Wintour where he also appeared in The September Issue with her.

Natalia Vodianova,  Corinne Rocco,  Jean-Christian Bernard,  Marie-Caroline Gamier, Marta Gil Costa , and  Richard Lagarde
In 2007, the French Minister of Culture awarded Patrick the honor of Officer of Art and Literature. He also was in Guardian as one of the Top 50 best dressed over 50 in 2013.  He has also worked with top photographers such as Terry King and Henri Cartier-Bresson. His past is honorable, his present is righteous and his future is promising. Patrick is one of the best and his work does not go unnoticed by anyone.

**Patrick has just been honored in Vogue for his best fashion moments

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