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      Gossip Girl is a series that showed on the CW from 2007-2012. The show followed the lives of the upper Eastside of NYC's privileged teenagers throughout high school and then the beginning of college years. One of the main characters on the show is Blair Waldorf. Blair is one of the richest teens on the Upper Eastside whose mother is a Fashion Designer for the made of company, Waldorf Designs.

      Not only does the show has plenty of fashion and style in it itself, but Blair Waldorf bring along her own flirtatius style that is still popular among the real-life Upper Eastsiders in NYC. Her style is feminine, flirty, sophisticated and that of a privileged teen. With designer clothes from Chanel, de la Renta and any jewelry purchased at Bergdorf, Blair's style has been copied for years, even in the last three years after the show ended. Olivia Palermo has been called the real-life Blair Waldorf.

Photo Credit: fashionista.com
Blair Waldorf on the steps of the Met
      Blair's infamous looks consisted of her Prep School Uniform, brightly colored tights, heels, a brightly colored coat and a headband. Her 'minions' as she called them all dressed in this attire to follow in her footsteps as the most popular and richest teens at the all girls' school. Outside of school she wore classy and sophisticated dresses and skirts from top couture designers, even having her prom dress flown in from France.

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Blair Waldorf wears Alexis Maribelle
      At the ending of the show, Blair takes advantage of her personal style by becoming a fashion designer herself and creating a line dedicated to her signature look for girls still attending her old prep school. She is also the girl who made the statement, "Tights are not pants!" Though Gossip Girl ended three years ago, Blair Waldorf is still a style icon and her fashion decisions are still an important aspect.

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Olivia Palermo VS. Blair Waldorf

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