Cleveland Browns: New Uniforms Designs

The Heart, City & Loyalty Behind The Decision Making

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New Uniforms
      Football season has begun and the Cleveland Browns have shown the world their new and improved 2015 uniforms. Designed by Nike, the Cleveland Browns team members also played a huge part in the design of the uniforms, without even knowing it. Taking into consideration a city so loyal, Nike designers truly showed the NFL what Cleveland is all about. 

       Rumors flew throughout the team as talks of the new uniform design begin the April of 2014. Players informed each other, and the coaches, of what they would like to see in the uniforms, “Orange Jerseys for sure”, says Tashaun Gibson, “The good ole days”, “We gotta do orange jerseys”. By September 2014 the team got the big reveal for the 2015 season, which has been approved for Nike to begin constructing. 

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Cleveland Browns New Designs 2015

      Craig Conahan, a Nike designer, played a large role in the design of the Cleveland Brown’s uniforms. “The challenge of this beautiful uniform was really unique to me,” Conahan said. “It wasn’t just a total wipe-the-slate clean, do something new. You’re starting with something iconic. Super challenging, super scary but really unique.” He worked one on one with the team to get their insight and make sure they got the uniforms just right.

      The phrase that the Nike’s designer use when referencing the Brown’s is “Cleveland is a pillar of strength”, and that it is. The players, coaches, owners and the fans of the city stand so strong together. They marvel in wins from the Browns and have created a bond that no other city truly has. Cleveland is one big family that stands together with loyalty and strength just like a pillar. 

      The new uniforms, which are in all three colors, one in orange, one in white and one in brown, create nine different combinations of uniforms for the team. Each of the jersey’s offer something more significant that Cleveland brings to the table, which no other NFL team does, CLEVELAND is stitched big and bold on the front of the jersey just above the numbers. 

      The Browns’ President, Alec Scheiner, points out how loyal Cleveland is as a city by stating, “We talked a lot about how important Cleveland is for the Browns”, “When the team left, the city’s heart was broken. It wasn’t fair. The team never should have left here. I think it’s a tribute to the city that we put it across the chest instead of the team name.” The team name, Brown’s, is still a part of the uniforms, but now placed at the leg, something unique to Cleveland. 

      The fabric used for the numbers is Nike Chainmaile Mesh, which is only used for the Browns Uniforms, again making the Browns’ uniforms original and unlike any other teams.  

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Uniform Reveal, April 15, 2015
      As a reminder of their team, city and loyalty and also inspiration to the players, “DAWG POUND” was strategically placed in the neck of the jersey so they will see it first thing they put on and last thing they take of with the uniforms jerseys. 

      “Those are kind of those neat storytelling mechanisms that we like to put in and especially this one is so rich with the history of the Dawg Pound and such a powerful iconic images that brings fear into the rest of the nation,” says Todd Van Horne, Nike’s VP and Creative Director for Football. The city of Cleveland was the utmost importance when it came to Nike making uniforms for the 2015 season. 

      Each little detail from fabric to color, heart to story, plays a huge part in the significance of the new 2015 Cleveland Browns uniforms. The players, coaches, owner, fans, city and Nike each played a role in the design even if some of them didn’t realize it. The loyalty and strength of Cleveland has a long history and story behind it enough to be the sole focus for the brand, Nike, when it came to creating the uniforms. The Cleveland Browns own some of the most original and unique uniforms in the NFL and it is yet another success the Cleveland Browns have for it’s city. 

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