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I am obsessed with the pineapple trend. It all started about six months ago when we moved into our new house. We went to Marshall's and I saw the cutest rose gold trinket dish and had to have it, from there it shot off like fireworks and now I have pineapple's all over my living room. 

Pineapples symbolize welcome, warmth, affection and good cheer of all who dwell inside their home. Ever wondered why Pottery Barn, the home store, wraps their gifts with pineapple paper? DUH! Pineapples mean home, and not just the one under the sea that SpongeBob lives in. 

The Pineapple is not just a motif for your living room walls, but its showing up on dresses, t-shirts, cell phone cases and even shoes. Pineapple is not just a sweet, juicy fruit anymore, this Spring/Summer, Pineapple motifs are THE trend and I love it! Fun Facts: Did you know that the Pineapple on SnapChat means "Complicated", as far as a relationship? On Instagram, #pineapple has been tagged 4.2 million times. Pineapple has the power for good which is why the trend is still lingering on from last year. Check out the trends in not only fashion and home but much more below!
A Sweet Brunch, Styled By Me, Get The Look Here: Polyvore
While From Last Year, This Trend Has Lingered Over, Loving This Trend, Dolce & Gabbana,
Styled by Me, Get The Look Here: Polyvore 
Pineapple Nails, Photo: Instagram @melissaxgrace
Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub, $28,
In the Falzone Living Room, Get The Pieces Here: Polyvore

Pink Pineapples
(Modified pineapples that are full of antioxidants and are sweeter than the original), Photo: Dish
Pineapple Nice Cream, Photo: Instagram @dailybowlofhappiness
Pinapple Tattoos, Photo: Instagram @smalltattoogoals
Pool Inflatables, Photo: Instagram @mirgla
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