Project Runway Premiere: "One Size Does Not Fit All"

The Premiere of the "Sweet 16" Season of Project Runway premiered last night on Lifetime. Diversity played a huge role in last night's episode, as the designers were introduced to beautiful women of sizes 2-22! Yea you heard that right, Project Runway is showing off those curves. The challenge was to create a runway look for models of different sizes as Heidi reminded contestants that "One size does NOT fit all." Each week the contestants will work with a different model of a different size.
Season 16, Plus Size Models, Photo: BaltimoreSun
Model Liris Crosse, one of the plus size models, was teamed up with Designer Brandon whom actually has never designed womenswear, only mens. Brandons' look for Liris was stunning, very elegant meets sporty, athleisure if you will. He accentuates her waist and gave her a camo-printed crop top with flow-y sleeves that looked very good on her body. She walked with confidence on the runway and rocked that look. The judges had so many great things to say about the sophisticated, glamourous and trendy garment.
Liris, Brandon's Look
Brandon's Past Work, Photo:
Another look I was obsessed with is Margarita's look for Model Samantha. I loved the red, flow-y jumper with a hint of pink. She really showed off her latin flare and brought her "A" game. Though she only ended up safe in the challenge, her looked rocked the runway.
Margarita's Look
Margarita's Past Work, Photo:
So my favorite Designer right now? Well from a feminist stand point, I LOVE Designer Ayani. She is flawless. I am attracted to her personality and how she involves herself so much with her culture and creates such beautiful garments representing the modern muslim woman. I also think she is a powerful woman and appreciated her comment about the usage of words representing the plus size models, "...As long as a plus size model is not seen as a problem size model."
Ayani's Look
Ayani's Past Work, Photo:
My least favorite right now is Designer ChaCha. Yes, he is cute and adorable but he also seems to have no respect for plus size models. He seems to be living in a fantasy world and is very "My little pony", as Zac Posen pointed out, which is fine, until you start disrespecting other cultures. His comment, "...She's a big girl, but not too big, but can handle cute stuff, big", was very unsettling to Heidi as her facial expressions showed that. But Nina put him in his place when saying, "You covered her, in a lot of fabric, and not respected her figure, that's my biggest problem." As you can imagine, ChaCha went home.
ChaCha's Look
ChaCha's Past Work, Photo:
It's going to be an interesting season as some of the designers are being called out for not understanding, or respecting, the bodies of the plus sizes models. Heidi made a comment to People Magazine, "A lot of them weren't too happy about it", speaking of the Designers on the models. I think this season will be the most challenging yet and I am very interested to see personalities clash and stress levels rise. As Heidi told them in the beginning, "Very successful designers must be able to design for all sizes". With diversity at a new level, will Season 17 mean finally bringing in male models to really mix things up, we shall see.
Photo: Instagram @BrandonKee
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