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You know what trend I am obsessed with right now? The Book Trend. You heard that right, books and reading is a trend! If you're not reading or carrying around a book, you are seriously not cool. Celebrities and bloggers have picked up this trend and are running with it.

Stars like Emma Roberts uses the hashtag #currentread when she posts what she is reading and believe me, she reads a lot. She also came out with her own blog with writer and producer Karen Preiss. The blog is called Belletrist and is meant to celebrate great books and the people who read them. Book clubbing is a thing people, get with it! They also, self-proclaimed,  suffer from tsundoku, which I, too, suffer from.
Emma Roberts, (Photo: Instagram @emmaroberts)
What is tsundoku?  It's a Japanese word for pile of books, it is literally a compulsive disorder for one who feels the constant need to buy books and watch them pile up. Sound familiar to you Sergio, Melissa and Jess? LOL. Literally if you ever come to my house I have books everywhere, my room, my vanity/closet room, the spare bedroom, the hallway vanity, the living room, normally the kitchen table, in my purse, car, literally everywhere. And no matter where I am there is always a reason to go to Barnes & Noble or check out a cute little bookstore.

Other celebs joining this craze is Hermoine herself, Emma Watson. She is part of #BooksOnTheSubway. This has turned into basically leaving books all over the world for people to read and whom should leave another book for someone else to read. I love this! Recently she left books throughout Paris and called herself a book fairy. She has used the hashtag #IWDOurSharedShelf and #bookfairiesworldwide, along with #booksontheunderground. Constantly promoting great books and healthy reading, Emma Watson is my spirit animal. I just love everything she stands for. Here is a link to her leaving books around NYC. Emma got the idea from Books On The Underground in London and the day Trump was elected decided to "spread the love" instead.
Emma Watson, (Photo: Instagram @emmawatson)
Book Clubs and Book Lists are popping up everywhere. PopSugar does a monthly book list on their snapchat, Elle Magazine released a Summer Reading List and CNN did a report on how print books, "real books" they called them, are coming back. E-Books dropped 20% in sales and print increased by 7% at the same time. We don't just want to read, we want legit hard copies. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, I love the smell of a good book, just opening it up and smelling the pages. Ugh! And that old smell of print in libraries, which have become cool again too.

Reading is relaxing, educational, fun, a stress and anxiety reliever. Reading gives me a chance to escape into a reality that is not my own, or into a a dreamland I will never have but can enjoy in that moment. When I was little, reading was my go-to because I could escape from the disasters I called life. I didn't get grounded from TV or friends, they took my books. Anyone who has ever known me knows my books are always close by, something new, something I have read 100 times. If I can't count on anything I can always count on a good book. The best of the best and my favorite, To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Go read a book!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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