#Current Reads on Instagram: Fall Reading List 2017

Need something to keep you busy this Fall in your spare time? Here's another list I put together of some great books to check out. I snooped on Instagram to see what everyone was currently reading and picked the ones I saw the most of. I am too excited to read these books this month!

1. The Other Language: 
This book takes us on three adventures, to Venice, Greek and then India following the stories of three different people and how they stepped out of their comfort zone to new passion and destinies. The Other Language will explore the power of change, love, relationships across cultures to reveal unexpected aspects of ourselves.  (Amazon: $9.87)
2.Northanger Abbey:
You know I LOVE a good Jane Austen book. In the past few lists I have created you have seen Emma and Pride & Prejudice. With Northanger Abbey, we follow the life of a young girl with a very active imagination. Being naive and in love with her sensational novels, she stays at nearby Northanger Abbey approaching the social scene with preconceptions that have embarrassing and entertaining consequences.  (Amazon, $12. 05)
3. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine:
This novel is soon to be a major motion picture that will be produced by Reese Witherspoon. I love seeing great books come to life. This is a story about an out of the ordinary heroine whose weirdness and oblivious wit will make for an irresistible journey as she realizes that the only way to survive is to open your heart. (Amazon, $18.20)
4. IT:
As Halloween approaches and the release of the movie remake take center stage, its only right to read  the book that is all over social media. Originally published in 1986, this stories is too close to the authors heart. In Derry, Maine, a hometown like your very own expect haunting, seven teenagers have returned home to confront a nightmare they first stumbled on as teenagers; evil with the name IT. (Amazon, $13.22)
5. The Sun and Her Flowers:
Did you love Rupi Kaur's Milk & Honey as much as I did? If so, then pick up his second book of poetry, The Sun and Her Flowers. Divied into five chapters, wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. This book is about love in all its forms. (Amazon, $10.19)

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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