Weight Loss Suggestions

So I always having people asking me what I did to lose 25 pounds and what I am doing now to continue losing weight.

Well first things first I gave three things completely up:
1. Soda/Pop ( i dont even drink diet)
2. Fast food ( that will kill
You faster than cigarettes
3. Red meat ( too expensive,m and unhealthy, stick with fish turkey and chicken
Not only did I give these up but I only drink water, i will have an occasional cup of coffee, glass of alcohol, glass of milk or an organic smoothie but absolutely NO fruit juices or carbonated beverages!

Work out at LEAST five times a week, I try to work out everyday or I feel like Im not energized for the day. For fitness suggestions see Fitness Suggestions blog.

Eat in moderation, dont count calories or points or carbs or anything like that, eat what you want but eat until ur full NOT stuffed, you will seriously drive yourself crazy counting.

Leave the sweets, fried foods and salty foods alone:
Chips, candy bars, candy, etc.
You dont need it, and if you cant resist have ONE not the whole bag!

Stay away from breaded foods! Thats just extra crap you dont need!
This is a process and you have to be willing to give your all! 100%!
You can do it, especially if I did.

Try new things, new recipes, Pinterest is my go to and my motivation!
And remember dont just wish for it work for it, your not dieting, your changing your lifestyle to be healthier and fit! Dont think skinny think fit! 💪✌️

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- inspiring to be fit! 


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