Fashion Decisions on a Budget

Fashion. Budget. Personal Style.

When it comes to personal style, which does not always mean that one has to be following the trends of the industry, personal style is something that you yourself create. Creating your own looks, being yourself, sure if Olivia Palermo is wearing this years Oscar de la Renta’s floral super girlie collection with Pantone color of the Year, radiant orchid in the flowers, does not mean that you have to wear that same thing. Taking fashion trends too literally will only make you go broke and stress you out.
When you are on a budget, following an exact look may not be something that you want to do, and if you do want to do it, well tough shit, you’re on a budget. I mean I would love to spend my money on a Brides by Demetrios wedding gown style 2861 as the gown of my dreams for my wedding next year, but let’s face it, I am on a budget and I need to find my dream dress in another ball park. Your personal style is something you put together, adding your own touches to things. Like taking a piece of jewelry that’s vintage and pairing it with a pair of this years pixie pants and a cardigan, if that is what you like, show it off. Following fashion can be hard and it can be easy. You do not have to have your entire ensemble fashion forward, unless you Blair Waldorf of course. But this is reality, grab that red leather jacket and pull on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a white neck with your vintage necklace. Its you, its your style, its who your going to be, and your going to look stylish doing it.
Now, I am not saying it is ok to wear a pair of crocs with your Chanel jacket if that is what you prefer, darlings let’s have some boundaries:

Do not over spend your money and time on things you can not afford.
Pick out fashionable items that show off who you are as a person.
Follow trends on social media to keep yourself updated on the little things to add to your wardrobe like, the color of the year, shape, fabrics, etc.
Plan your season out. It is okay to wear the same thing twice; this isn’t a movie you’re living in where you have 50 costume changes, especially on a budget.

When planning out your season, look into what the trends are going to be, and decide on the few items you have in your wardrobe that you can change up with adding a few new pieces to be fashion forward. You can almost never go wrong with jeans, almost. Jeans can practically be matched and rematches with many different trends and still be in style. Focus on getting a pastel colored midriff for the summer and a mustard colored jacket for the fall this year. Pick yourself out a nice pair of heels or boots, some accessories and start mixing and matching. And make sure your keeping in mind your own style, whether it is boho-chic or preppy, basic or dramatic, whatever your personal style is, that is what you should be wearing.

The internet is amazing for giving tips on wear to get a cheaper version of clothing or shoes or accessories, don’t be stupid, you’re on a budget, so get the $25 pants that resemble the ones that Taylor Swift was just voted “Who wore it best?”, on the streets. Street style is another way to look at your own personal style. Everyone on the streets has their own still, that is why it is called street style and it is making it’s way to the runway in a trickle-up affect rather than trickle-down.
Keep your closet fashionable and your bank account loaded by not going broke by staying up to date on trends. Find yourself saving money, mixing and matching and creating looks that reflect your own style, be a trend yourself, be a leader, and stop trying to be a fashion follower.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- on a budget!


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