Things a Woman Should Know How to do!

8 Things you should know how to do (as a woman, not to mention it may save you some money):

1. Sew a button. A button is the easiest thing to sew by hand, many places like YouTube have videos to teach you if your unsure. Why throw away a good button up blouse because a button feel off, why do you think they give you extras attached to the product?

2. Stitch a blind hem. This is a stitch to easily hem up your pants, sleeves, etc. This ensures me that the bottoms of my pants are not dragging and tearing on the ground, very unclassy.

3. Paint your nails. Do not spend money constantly going to nail salons for acrylics, seriously this is bad for your nails, you should embrace your natural nails, and save a penny or two.

4. Pluck your own eyebrows. I know its easier to just get them waxed or stringed but ladies, buy a pair of tweezers and get her done. Learning how to do them if easy and once you get the hang of it, quick and money saving.

5. Organize. It is so stressful to not have organization in your life. I am not saying you have to go out and buy a planner and schedule your life out but, it may be beneficial and less stressful to have one. Make a list of things that need done in a day, a week, a month and hang it on your fridge. Get rid of clutter, why hold on to things your never going to wear again, donate them, or things you haven’t paid attention to in the last five years. Don’t end up on Hoarders, just un-clutter your life. Your feel better and save a little money not being so stressed.

6. Wear heels. Yea, yea, I know, you may not want to, or they may hurt your feet. But own a pair of heels that make you feel sexy, powerful and fierce. Walk in them every once in a while, wear them to work, walk the dog in them, own them!

7. Cook. O-M-G, know how to cook. Not just for yourself but for the sake of your significant other, children, and friends. It is always fun to host a get together but not so fun paying for catering or a cook. There are many simple recipes online that you can not mess up. I hate hearing people say that they can only cook toast or make cereal, well Google yourself a recipe, please!

8. Wear White. It sounds crazy I know, but so many women wear white with a white bra or a colored bra. Please stop. The best color to wear under white is NOT white, I repeat, NOT white, wear nude or flesh colored undergarments when wearing white.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Looking out for fellow Fashionistas!


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