Be Yourself Wherever You Are

Have you ever been around someone and you feel completely out of place? I have. Seriously, I do not like the feeling of going around someone and not being able to be myself. Honestly, just remove yourself from that situation. Whether it be a "friend", family member or someone you know because of someone else.

This article is about being yourself, being you. You should never have to feel belittled by someone else or feel like you cannot be who you are. Now, I am not saying that you should be your Saturday night, out at the club, crunk self at church on Sunday in front of Grams, no. But, you should not feel obligated to completely be a different person and not yourself around anyone. 

You have to be true to you. If you are not honest and true to yourself you wont be happy. Being happy is key, being happy with yourself is confidence and everyone needs that confidence. So never let anyone else make you feel uncomfortable with you; whether it is your attitude, your personality, your independence, your style, your opinions, your beliefs, anything! 

I was with someone for four years whose family made me feel like I was the worst person in the world, I got over that quick. After two years of being treated horribly, I realized that I was not the problem, they were unhappy and miserable in their own skin and just needed someone to take it out on. It was never anything I said or did, it was a personal issue they had within themselves. 

I am a very talkative and opinionated person. I like to be loud and have a good time. I do, however, understand that there is a time and place to be professional and I act on it. But, when I am with my family at holidays, get togethers, birthdays, I am myself, I do feel comfortable. But, when I am at certain peoples' homes, I literally sit and stare, and that is not right. So, I have eliminated myself from these situations. Not only for my own sanity, but, also for my own self confidence and understanding. I am still young and I need to be able to be comfortable with myself, and being in situations where I feel otherwise, is a danger zone and calls for taking my self out of it.

Ladies, this goes for your significant others family. If his sister or mother makes you feel uncomfortable, you let him know. It may not be your place to tell them how you feel, but, your man better have the balls to let them know they should be making you feel comfortable, I mean, one day you could be his wife, and if you are his wife and still feeling like that, girl, get yourself together and have some self respect. No one and I mean no one should ever make you feel less than. 

Reevaluate your self and your situations and do not let your guard down, be yourself and be confident. Be strong and never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable in a place you should be yourself. Always hold your head high, raise your standards and you attitude and know you are better than and not less than.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Head held high


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