Au Revoir, Lincoln Center

My Fiance' & I (Photo: Jenna Garlock)
New York Fashion Week is searching for a new location for their designer runway collections after the Spring 2015 shows in February. Local blog, A Walk in the Park, first posted the new about finding the court documents proving eviction of IMG, Fashion Week host, for the Lincoln Center. According to the documents their lease prohibited using the Lincoln Center space for non park purposes.

So what does this mean for the designers? While Fashion Week is pressed for time to find a new location for September, 2015, since their permanent location at Hudson Yard's Culture Shed is still years from being completed; designers have started finding new location to show their collections. Designers like Alexander Wang and Christian Dior have already found new locations like the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Designers are on edge also with where their going to show their collections for Fashion Week in September. As Refinery 29 stated in their blog, "The scramble to secure a new space may just unite New York's disparate designers, and could give Fashion Week the makeover it needs". And I agree!

After February, of this year, being my first New York Fashion Week, at the Lincoln Center, I already have my hotel booked for the last New York Fashion Week taking place at the Lincoln Center this February. With it's artistic vibe or arts and ballet, the Lincoln Center has brought that cultural fashion phenomenon that the industry has known now for years now and it will sure be missed. Let me know what your thoughts are about the Lincoln Center no longer being a part of New York Fashion Week.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Planning for Fashion Week


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