Death Becomes Her, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Beginning October 21, 2014 and presenting through February 1, 2015, the Anna Wintour Costume Institute is offering a new fashion exhibit, Death Becomes Her. I had the opportunity to visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art on October 29, to view this flawless and powerful display of how mourning dress has evolved from the year 1815 to 1915. This exhibit honored gowns worn by Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra.

The Costume Institute showcases cultural implications through dress, accessories and fabrics of the time including, corded silk to crape in black, dark greys, and mauve colors. The exhibit also offers cases of fashion plates, jewelry and accessories and their own gift shop, to which I purchased the book and the photographs. The experience will be a once in a lifetime, so make sure to plan your visit before February. (Photos below: Jenna Garlock)

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Fashion Historian


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