'Non-Fashion' Styling By An Opinionated Fashionista

Photo: nadyana.com
Considered to be 'non-fashion' Grunge is named one of the best memorable fashion moments of the 90s by Elle Magazine. Grunge has been such a rebel style that it even caused Marc Jacobs to get fired from Perry Ellis after letting it walk down the runway for the Spring/Summer collection at New York Fashion Week in 1993. Grunge first eloped in 1972, not taking a popular space in culture until the 1980s, beginning in music. Grunge is derived from old-fashioned heavy metal, rock and roll and punk music from the 80s that rolled over into the 90s. This rebel music gave fashion a trendy influence of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dressing. Although the media labeled them otherwise, those who were considered "grungers" would rather have been called hippies or punks. With its comeback this year, Grunge has influenced Opinionated Fashionista to take on styling a photo shoot themed around 90s Grunge meets Modern Day Street Wear. An Introduction to Styling class this semester may have also given me the push I needed for the shoot but, the experience was memorable and the take away was guaranteed.

Photo: Jenna Garlock
The theme was derived on my attitude, rebelness and determination to take on a challenge. Grunge was new to me but now, it has influenced my own personal style. The clothing and accessories for the shoot were purchased on a budget and I created all six of these looks for under only $100. Everything seen in the shoot was purchased from Plato's Closet, H&M, Target and taken from my own closet. Hair and make-up had the natural beauty trends seen for Spring/Summer 2015 and the model, Diona Gills, is a Kent State University fashion student. Professional photography was done by Ashley Minniti at Belle Memorie Photography in Girard, Ohio. The full shoot is my first and I know it won't be my last! Take a look at the edits from the shoot and leave your comments below!

Opinionated Fashionista- First time styling!


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