The Lauren Conrad Books

So as I posted before, I have an exciting winter break reading list! I just finished one of the books, Lauren Conrad's The Fame Game: Starstruck. So, I decided it was important to finish the trilogy before moving onto the next top read for my break, so Lauren Conrad's The Fame Game: Infamous it is.

If you haven't read the L.A. Candy or The Fame Game trilogies written by Lauren Conrad, you should make an effort to do so. Being a huge fan of Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City and of course, Lauren Conrad herself, her books have been a must for me. Her books, Beauty and Style sit at my vanity as we speak for daily inspiration, advice and tips. The L.A. Candy and The Fame Game trilogies follow four different girls throughout their rise to fame in reality TV and Hollywood, sound familiar?

 If you loved Lauren in The Hills, you will love the drama she brings in her books as an on screen and off-screen for the four girls. L.A. Candy follows the lives of  Jane, Scarlett, Madison and Gaby while, The Fame Game, a reality show that is spin-off of L.A. Candy, continues to follow the lives of Gaby and Madison but, no longer Jane or Scarlett and instead Kate and Carmen. The trilogies are filled with enjoyment, drama, relate-ability and excitement. I can't put these books down and I am always wanting more and wondering what will happen next. Fingers crossed L.C. comes out with another spin-off trilogy for these girls because I am in dire need of it!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Lauren Conrad Fan!


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