No More Top Shop in Japan

Top Shop is a British high street brand with over 300 location in the UK along with stores in over 100 other countries. Unfortunately Japan is no longer one of those countries. As of January 31, 2015 the five locations in Japan were closed as the market decided to cut back. This does not mean anything bad for Top Shop as in Spring 2013 collaborated with Google on The Future of Fashion Shows on a data-savvy digital runway.Not only have they made huge technology moves with the brand but they have also noted that the Japan stores were owned by one of Top Shop's franchise owners, Mori Building System Co. Although signing over the brand to a partner, Top Shop was supposed to have another 10 locations opened in Japan by 2010, which did not seem to happen.

What does this mean for Top Shop in Japan? Well, according to Fashionista, they are looking into making sure they can keep the brand available in in Japan.  Fashionista also states that a spokeswoman at Arcadia, Top Shop's parent company, said: “The Japanese market is an important part of Topshop’s business and there are no plans to pull out of this key international territory. The stores in Japan are operated by one of Topshop’s franchise partners. We are working hard, and exploring all avenues, to ensure that the brand maintains its presence in Japan.​”

I really hope everything works out for Japanese consumers of the brand. I will be keeping up woth this story and seeing how Top Shop handles making sure Japan gets their Top Shop brand back!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Top Shop Interested


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