Finding Myself: Through Fashion, Journalism, and The City That I Love

For the last year I have been deeply interested in the fashion industry. Yes, it is true that I have always loved fashion and been extremely interested in it but it seems that after my first trip to New York City where I attended my first fashion show at New York Fashion Week in February of 2014, I become so attached to fashion. I wanted to know more, I wanted to dig deeper and I wanted to read everything I possibly could to understand fashion more. This is when I finally realized that I wanted to make my career in fashion through journalism.

My Fiance' & I, engagement photos at Lincoln Center, NYFW 2015
English has always been my best subject, reading and writing, I was always considered a nerd. After my trip to NYC, I found myself, found who I wanted to be and found where I wanted to go, the goals I wanted to achieve. This semester I was given yet another glorious opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week and attend the amazing Academy of Art University show. During this time I took this prospect to grace the interest of street fashion and also to learn about the designers from the graduate school of fashion at AAU. This was my fashion moment so far this year.

My favorite designer happens to be Paulina Susana Romero Valdez. Her designs and the meaning behind them are so enthralling. Her collection, It’s Only Heritage, examines where she came from and how it influences her as a designer for the show and for her life. Her inspiration looks at fluidity of life and family looking at your current position in life through the eyes of ancestors and visualizing how cultural roots lead us each in our future lives. She is honored in the Fashion School Daily blog for her designs and inspiration.  Each design is in a different phase of her life, through out the collection she represents three major phases including: The Baroque, The Mexican and The Strong.

Paulina is an inspiration to me. She uses her past and where she comes from as inspiration. She found herself through the fact that “good or bad, everything meets in the end.” I was given an incredible opportunity to attend a fashion show where she was a designer. Her work, her designs, her inspiration and what she stands for has influenced me to accept my past, present and future. She has made me want to dig deeper into the fashion industry and push myself to become a better writer.
My Fiance' & I, engagement photos at Lincoln Center, NYFW 2015
Writing disguises everything bad, stressful or hurtful that I may be going through and fashion opens the doors to happiness, new beginnings and happy ending for me. Paulina has inspired me to believe that “good or bad, everything meets in the end”.  This is my fashion moment so far this year. This is finding myself and this is who I am. I am nothing without fashion, without journalism and this past year, as a whole, has helped me realize this. I have been able to find myself and push myself to be a better person through fashion, journalism and the city that I love. One day I will reside in NYC, following all of my dreams and pushing myself even further and knowing it all started with a fashion school and the school of my dreams. 

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- My Fashion Moment 2015


Anonymous said…
This is a beautiful and inspiration piece. I enjoyed reading this and the pictures of your engagement are phenomenal. I love that they have a beautiful background of NYFW!
Unknown said…
Thank you so much!! The photographer did such a great job!

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