Inspired By: Coco Chanel

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”, a quote that I lived by for most of my life. Coco Chanel is known for her infamous quotes, couture, classics, attitude, scandals, and her prodigious House of Chanel, among many others things. Chanel has always been my idol, bringing me into the world of fashion after reading a biography, “Chanel and Her World”, written by Edmonde Charles-Roux. The book takes you into the life of Chanel, her family, her start in fashion and throughout the scandals, couture and life of the infamous designer.
The most inspiration that Chanel has been to me is learning that she died at home in her bed with a needle and thread in her hand, sewing until the very end. This has inspired me that no matter how hard life is, and no matter what obstacles I come across, I should keeping fighting and continue doing what I love until the end. 
I would cross-oceans; give up anything, to meet Coco Chanel. I realize this is unrealistic but if there were one fashion designer I could meet it would be her.  Although, I cannot afford her collection myself, besides perfumes, her designs have always been an inspiration in my life.

Chanel made her mark on the fashion industry. She changed fashion for the better, putting women in pants, creating a little black dress that every girl owns in her closet. She didn’t follow trends, she followed her own taste, her own thoughts and designs and she stuck to it. Chanel also spoke her mind and was very opinionated. Growing up in an orphanage and every paying off some of her siblings to never speak to her again, along with her scandal of helping the German Nazis, Chanel did as she pleased and still came out on top. To me, that is inspiration, and that is the woman I want to be. Meeting her would have been life changing. 

SIgned Opinionated Fashionista- Coco Chanel , my idol.


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