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Fashion Bloggers is an Australian reality TV show on E! Australia. Bloggers Kate Waterhouse, Zanita Whittington , Margaret Zhang, Sara Donaldson and Amanda Shadforth allowed us into the behind the scenes of fashion, blogging and the reality of their worlds for Season 1. The series began last year, in 2014, and the second season is now airing in Australia. To watch it in America it is available on YouTube and also E! Online.

I took an interest in this show because it is unique. Most shows based on fashion are about design like Project Runway. Fashion Bloggers takes you into the journalism side of the industry while also including famous designers like, DVF, magazine shoots with Vogue, and their lives behind the scenes of famous editorials, blogs and the digital world of fashion. The Aussie show is more docu-series than competition. Since my focus and main interest in fashion is based on journalism this definitely satisfies my tastes. The new season sees a new face, Nadia Fairfax since it seems that Margaret Zhang is not back but she has been noticed in The Business of Fashion, Style.com and The Coveteur.

Each girl has their own significant blog relating to their everyday lives, sense of style and they also par take in the social media world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. These fashionistas are inspirational and I think this show gives viewers a different outlook on fashion. This season they will cover Sydney Fashion Week and interview stars such as Nicole Richie, Kristin Cavallari and they also visit Dubai. These girls are in for one fantastic season and I will be watching to get the scoop! Building a digital brand via blog is harder than most think it is. These fabulous five fashion bloggers will show you how.

After taking the mini quiz offered on Foxtel.com it seems I have a little of each fashion blogger in me! Take the quiz youself and see who you most relate to.

Let me introduce you to Season 2 Fashion Bloggers:

Zanita Whittington's blog is Zanita. Zanita is a now a photographer after being an international model for years. She likes to see the world through a lens and her love for blogging shows us what she sees.
Photo: zanita.com

Newcomer Nadia Fairfox, her blog is FairFax Journal. She uses her gymnast past to collaborate her own style. She is one of the youngest influences at only 25 and she has worked for various designers for the past 6 years. She is now a native of New York and is known for adding an item of what she calls 'sport luxe' to her outfits.
Photo: estmagazine.com.au

Kate Waterhouse's blog is Kate Waterhouse. That shouldn't be difficult to remember! Kate grew up in the spotlight and has become a very well-known fashion blogger. She also has a weekly column in the Sun Herald called Date With Kate.
Photo: katewaterhouse.com

Amanda Shadforth's blog is Oracle Fox. She is a fashionista by day and a surfer by... day, too. She is a very respected fashion trend forecaster for the industry.
Photo: oraclefox.com

Sara Donaldson's blog is Harper and Harley. She focuses only on her signature statement of using colors of black, gray and white. She is considered the girl next door and  also uses her followers as inspiration for street style in her blog.

Photo: harperandharley.com
Signed Opinionated Fashionista- "Fashion Bloggers- Building their empires one post at a time..."


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