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I have decided to create a book club and I have a few people on board. I thought this would be a great idea to meet new people, hang with friends, create memories and read a good book! Not to mention I hate talking  to myself about how great books are. Why do that when I can discuss it with others!! 

The first book club month will be August! Book choice, recommended by Lauren Conrad and her book club reads, is Girls In White Dresses by Jennifer Close. I am more than excited to read this book. This book is also recommended as a summer read and by goodreads.com. 

Girls In White Dresses is a book about women grappling with heartbreak, careers, everyday life, new loves and family life all while being in an endless circles of bridal showers and weddings. I think most of us can relate to this book and it is available on Amazon for less than $10 currently. This is a great start to a new book club! 

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For anyone else interested in joining in, whether in the area, through Skype or my blog just comment below and get reading!! Looking forward to see where this will go! The many books we can read :))

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Happy Reading 


kwhite said…
I'm in! Skype or if I can come to town!
Unknown said…
I hope everyone is enjoying the book, remember you can get ahold of me on Facebook to join the group of 7 we have for the bookclub!

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