Prepping For NYFW: Men's

Are you ready for the first ever Men's Fashion Week in New York?

Men's Fashion Week will kick off on Tuesday, July 13 and end Friday, July 16. With American designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Rag & Bone. Also showing will be emerging small, yet lasting, designers like David Hart and Duckie Brown.

Men's Fashion Week has some speculations from the industry:

Is Men's Fashion Week a good idea?

According to Business of Fashion, Debra Scherer, a former editor of Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia and also the founder of the fashion and culture zine: The Little Squares, says "Another branded fashion week is the last thing we need","it’s too much, and it’s bad for the industry because it dilutes everything."

Do we actually NEED a Men's Fashion Week?

Men's Fashion Week in America gives men's brands a chance to branch out without being exposed alongside the overpowering women's brands of February and September's NYFW. It also allows American designers to actually show their collections in America and not have to travel to Milan, Paris or London.

Designer Michael Bastian states to Business of Fashion, “I’m an American designer, and I always felt a show somewhere other than New York might look or feel out of context." Whether or not big designers such as Lauren or Hilfiger shown in NY this year, Bastian still would have.

There is importance behind NYFW: Men's. Although, David Hart feels that the big name will help legitimize Fashion Week, "It makes it feel like the menswear community is really embracing this," he states to Business of Fashion.

Will Men's Fashion Week increase sales?

In knowing that fashion showings can and do cost ten of thousands of dollars, a profitable expense for some designers, investors are still looking for tangible results.

Men's Fashion Week happens to fall on the same dates as Market Week. This itself will help drive sales. A Barney's manager of menswear says that Fashion Week will definitely increase sales. "Men’s industry events like the emergence of Men’s NYFW will only help to heighten the awareness of menswear," he tells Business of Fashion.

Is Men's Fashion Week Just A Publicity Stunt?

After hearing from a friend in the fashion industry, she leads in that by the time women's fashion week does come around, the men's selling season is already over and the buyers have already seen their collections.

Since the men's selling season begins in earlier months than the women's, men may not being getting the notice they deserve. So therefore, is NYFW: Mens helping menswear get better exposure or are the just doing it for the press? 

New York Fashion Week: Men's has it's pros and cons right now but personally, I think this will be a good move for the menswear industry. Supporting our American designer and also looking to the future of designers such as Givency, who will be showing in NY this fall, may decide one day to show at Men's Fashion Week giving hope for a strong, well-known NYFW: Men's. I will be reporting on Men's Fashion Week here on Opinionated Fashionista and also with Fashion School Daily next week. Check back to see updates, opinions, facts and the top designers I will be supporting the most, collection wise!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Excited for NYFW: Men's

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