Book Club: August Connection

Connecting over the Opinionated Fashionista Book Club: August, Girls in White Dresses! Please tell me your overall thoughts, questions, concerns and of course OPINIONS on August's book! Also, who do you relate more to: Lauren, Mary or Isabella?


My Opinion:
I loved this book! I could relate in many ways, especially with getting married. The stress of combining work, school, friends, family, Sergio and planning a wedding. I am kind of on the opposite side of things considering I am having the bridal shower rather than attending them. Personally, I think I relate more to Mary. Basically, I feel as is I have a really nice guy and things are going well, considering we are getting married soon, and although his mother may not exactly be the devil (LOL), we do not always see eye to eye.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Book Club Connection


Unknown said…
Hey ladies comment here and let me know your opinions!

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