A Brighter Future and Eye Opening Past

This year, I have narrowed my resolutions down to four simple and very achievable goals.

Leave the past in the past:

Every year things happen, lots of drama, good things, bad things and the best thing for me to do is leave it in the past. No more bringing up old things that someone had done once, no more forgiving people for the horrible things they have said or done to me over and over. In 2016, I will be leaving these bad memories and horrible moments in 2015 and not using them against people.

More ME Time:

Between work, school, 5 dogs, a husband and too much family drama I can handle, I never have time for ME. In 2016, I will be focusing more on me, whether it is taking a walk for 30 minutes alone, meditating for 10 minutes or reading a book quietly for an hour, whatever I decide my ME time will be it will be for ME to sit down, relax, take back control, and focus on myself for once. I have to learn to love myself before I can thoroughly love anyone else. I have to learn to focus on myself, and my little family of 5 dogs and a new husband rather than focus on everyone else's drama and doing for them so that I have to sacrifice things and time for myself.

Forgiving and Forgetting:

Yes, the infamous words from Lauren Conrad, "I want to forgive you but, I also want you FORGET you". Most of my life has been hurt whether from my family, friends, losing my brothers at a young age, being subdued to things children never should, stabbed in the back by someone I called friend, no matter what it is I want to be able to forgive them for whatever they may have said or done but I also want to be able to forget them and move forward, have a clean slate. I give people so many chances, which is my downfall, and then my heart tells me to keep going but this time I am thinking with my head and moving forward. No looking back, the past is in the past in 2016.

Less Electronics:

In 2015, I vowed to read more, this turned into Amazon Audible for my long drive to work, but I still manage to get through all my books and then some. This year I want to be able to put the phone down and turn the TV off! Anytime I am eating, I will shut my phone off and turn the TV off and just have conversation. I am getting older and while we are in this new technology era, when I have children I want to have family time at the dinner table and when we go out, I do not want electronics to take over my life and I have done that in the last few years or so.

Being more active, taking cook classes, art classes, playing board games, making crafts, just talking, in 2016, I vow to be more attentive. I want to write more blogs, read more books rather than listen to them, be more fit instead of watching TV, and frequently check social media rather than all the time. I will also focus more on school than I did this semester since I was so distracted with the wedding and everything else. I have deactivated my Facebook but still have Twitter, which I barely use and Instagram because there is no drama, just beautiful pictures. Going into 2016, I will stay off of Facebook until I feel I deserve to be back on it without checking it every 2 minutes, basically I have grounded myself from Facebook. :)

The year 2015 was a great year but it was also a very eye opening year. This year started off with working out and getting fit and then turned into a trip to NYC gone wrong with the wrong people. Friendships were lost, drama was a rye and soon the summer hit. I was transferred an hour away for a great work opportunity. This summer was rough and it took me out of my comfort zone but I strive for the best, made new friends and was offered an amazing position! It has it's ups and downs but believe me there are more ups. I have meet some amazing and inspiring people and everyone has taught me something new along the way. I am learning more about myself good and bad, like I love my job and I am good at it but also that I am black and white, while some are too sensitive to this others appreciate it. With this, I am realizing I can't please everyone and sometimes no matter what one does you can't make everyone like you, sometimes they don't like you just because and there is no reason, it is just who they are as a person and I am learning to expect that.

On October 24th,  I was married to the man of my dreams and we honeymooned in NYC which was amazing, eventful and much needed quality time with each other and great friends. My wedding was basically awesome! People will probably talk about it for years, the food, cake, music, fun, theme, dress literally every detail counted and was appreciated. I also had my bachelorette party in NYC and had my aunt and best friends by my side to make great memories.

This year was more pros than cons but the bad stuff was strong, and eye opening and now that I know I am able to push on, leave the past in the past, forgive and forget and grow from all this. 2016 is looking really bright and I know I have God to thank for every lesson learned and every opportunity given in 2015. Here's to 2016...

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- Leaving it all behind and Pushing into the New Year!!


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