Fashion and Pop Culture A Fierce Industry

      Fashion has played a huge role in society and not just in reality but through movies and television also. Movies like Clueless, the Devil Wears Prada and TV shows like The Hills and Sex & the City but these movies are just a few. Other influential movies like Bride Wars, where Kate Hudson wore a timeless Vera Wang strapless, ball gown wedding dress. This gown inspired the wedding dress worn by Kim Kardashian in her marriage to Kris Humphries and also a White by Vera Wang gown in the masstige brand at David’s Bridal. Although these movies and TV shows have influenced fashion they have also shown truth to the industry. As most of the world already knows, The Devil Wears Prada was a book, turned movie, written by Lauren Weisberger about the inside life of Anna Wintour at Vogue magazine. Lauren takes us behind the scenes and shows us how hard, although educational, working in the fashion industry can be.

      Reality TV show like The Hills and The City, a spin-off of The Hills have influenced the way society views the fashion industry. Viewers watch the shows and learn how the industry works, how dedicated an intern has to be, how much is taught and learned but also that it is hard work and one is easily replaceable. The fashion industry is a fierce industry to work in and watching Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port intern with Teen Vogue gives viewers and girls aspiring to work in the industry insight on what it is really like, the Hills and The City showed us this. The City took us into life after being an intern and what it is like to work and live in NYC while creating your own clothing line like Whitney Port did. We seen her go through the process of designing, and having her line approved and critiqued before she even though about a fashion show. The Hills also took us inside PR Company, People’s Revolution with the infamous, Kelly Cutrone, who also thinks "Sex and the City ruined the world."

     Kelly Cutrone is a very demanding, fierce, intimidating, opinionated woman who could care less what anyone else thinks of her and will fire in an instant, and this is what interns and anyone interested in working the industry should realize. She states, "Its worse, trust me when I tell you," speaking of how cutthroat the industry is, stating is worse than TV. Kelly Cutrone came out with her own reality TV show which gave insight to her PR firm in NYC and how much pressure, stress and intimidation the interns and associates dealt with. These shows may have a lot of drama but at the end of the day they are telling the truth about what goes on inside the fashion industry. The fashion industry is full of long hours like, 9am-9pm. Working hard and committing to the work given is a must. “You really have to want it—it’s long hours, it’s hard work, it’s not as glamorous as it seems. Even in this position [as creative director of Marie Claire], it’s still not glamorous. I’m still here until late. I still unzip bags. I still look at boards. You’re still working really hard, so you have to have a real love of what you do in order to sustain it,” says Nina Garcia, Marie Claire, Creative Director.

     There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes when working at a magazine, PR Firm or with a designer. Months of a hard work and stress go into account just for a ten-minute show for Fashion Week. Dealing with the models, they are just as bitchy and underfed as shown on television like Project Runway or the movie Crimes of Fashion. According to the Huffington Post, working in the industry will make one feel fat, even if your not, being around the models. The fashion industry is stressful but, there is so much to learn, so many connections, opportunities with networking, and will be a great asset to having an astonishing career in the industry but to do so one must work extremely hard, take criticism lightly and not try to move up too fast in the industry, even Anna Wintour has given her tips on the industry stating that “People are frightened by fashion”, and based on the industry and what people have seen, heard or been a part of, they should fear fashion as the industry is intense.

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Kim Kardashian in Vera Wang Dress; Bride Wars Vera Wang Dress
Signed Opinionated Fashionista- My Wedding Dress was Inspired by Bride Wars



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