The ROW: Resort 2016

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The ROW
Winners of the CFDA for a second year in a row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were ambitious about their brand with a point of view to go with it. These designers have broken out into the fashion industry and put their child star status behind them.

Photo Credit: The ROW
The ROW, Resort 2016
The ROW showcased designs such as structure and fluid lines. Their collection as always relies on neutral colors such a black, tan and white, slipping in a deep green for added color. Belts cinched the waists of perfectly tailored jackets that featured a foursome of pockets. The show closed with a flawless tailored, black trapeze-shaped gown.

The resort collection offered coats that resemble the feel of a bathrobe. Necklines were subtle and comfortable as slouchy turtlenecks took center stage. The models’ slicked back hair contributed well to the refined looks of the collection.

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The ROW, Resort 2016 (This was my favorite)
 Mary-Kate describes the collection as “well-balanced”. While keeping to the likes of the designers, the collection is very customer-based. A balanced feel of unstructured coats, as the twins wore them selves behind the scenes, and double-breasted pantsuits walked the runway along with a duster and new Duplex tote. The Duplex tote is embellished in beads in a floral pattern giving the tote more life in color than the garments. But the sisters know their fashion and know it well. Their collection for The ROW brought out what they know best.

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