Let's Talk About St. Ives

              Photo: Jenna Falzone

I have used Proactive Solution, the three step program since I was a teen and it had always worked flawlessly. I never had any blemises, breakouts or money in my bank. 

About eight months ago, I noticed my face getting red, kind of itchy and puffy. I tried to figure out for weeks what it was from, to the point where I stopped putting on makeup, using nothing but Proactiv. It got worse. My face started to burn and it was like I had a sunburn so bad I couldn't handle it. My husband advised me to stop using Proactiv. I literally argued with him that I had used it for years so there was no way that was the problem, until I stopped using it. 

After a week of not using Proactiv, I tried it again. The same experiences were happening so I just used antibacterial soap on my face (blah, this made my face really, really dry). Two months later, I tried the Proactiv again and found out I was allergic (all of a sudden) to the benzoyl peroxide, in Steps 1 and 3, so I decided to call it quits with Proactiv, sadly.

The last few months I have tried multiple products to get the same results as Proactiv, before the reaction. It has been a bumpy road because, I am also looking for something all natural and for sensitive skin. I was on Instagram one day and saw a post from Lo Bosworth, Best Celebrity Blog of 2015, about St. Ives face scrubs. I remembered, a few months ago, my dad had me pick their Apricot Scrub up for him and thought "okay if he uses it and it works", (my dad is one of those youngest older guys you will ever meet, I mean hes 43 and looks 25, ugh I cant even, so I trust his beauty regimen choices) and "Lo swears by it why not?"

            Photo: St. Ives Instagram

Of course I did some more research and watched a few Youtube Videos, including Ingrid Nilsen, and decided to try it. I have been using the Apricot Scrub for belmises and the Green Tea Scrub for blackheads for about a month and have the results I was looking for, without the side of red and puffy. 

         Photo: Lo Bosworth Instagram

As my daily regimen, I use the Apricot Srcub twice a day and the Green Tea Scrub three times a week (mainly becuase I like the scent, I don't get a lot of blackheads). Yesterday, I picked up the Oatmeal Scrub and Face Mask. I used this this morning and my face is smooth, soft and clear. St. Ives is highly recommended as the number one skin care brand, they are 100% natural, paraben free, hypo-allergenic and will not leave you broke. Seriously, I pay around $4-$5 for each bottle. If you have not tried St. Ives, I highly recommend it! 

I do want to point out that I still use Proactiv's Green Tea Moisturizer. And keep in mind, this was my personal experience with Proactiv as I am allergic to the Benzoyl Peroxide so the brand does not work for me anymore. Let me know below what your skin care regimens are and what you use for face moisturizers! 

Signed Opinionated Fashionista- A Happy St. Ives Girl! 


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