Craft Queen: What I do In My Spare Time

Crafting is something I was always interested in and here and there I would get something done but, never really had all the time in the world for. Recently, I have moved and wanted to really create DIY projects for my home, some as little as shadow boxes and some as big as a coffee table. I have been called the Crafting Queen recently as I have really been going above and behind if I might say so myself with my skills. At home, at work, for my loved ones, just crafting away. Below are a few of my favorites that I have created or teamed up with my husband to create for our new home.

The Simple Stuff:

Some of my favorite little projects are crayon art, shadow boxes, string art and upgrading my light switch plates. Pinterest is where I get most of my crafting ideas, that or Lauren Conrad but, I add a twist to make them appropriate for our home and liking.

Crayon Art:
So this was a bit more simpler than I thought. Basically, you glue on crayons in whatever sequence you want and use a blow dryer to melt the wax.

Crayons or Oil Pastels
Hair Dryer
Canvas Board
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Light Switch Plates:
I literally painted them, added on glitter and let them dry.

Light Switch Plates
Invisible glue
paint brushes
stencils (I made my own)

String Light Wall:

This trend I was seeing all over Instagram and I really wanted to decorate the wall in my vanity room so I thought this was perfect. All you need is a string of lights, nails and a hammer and clothes pins. My mom happened to paint and create these clothes pins all cutesy so I used these. I chose to put up the post card pictures I purchased from The Metropolitan in New York for the "Death Becomes Her" fashion exhibit a few years back. Worked out perfect. It cute, I have light in my room and I think about death all morning (just kidding).

Free Dobby Sock Holder:
Who doesn't love a Harry Potter craft? Well if you don't your insane. As you can tell I do! I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was 8 and my grandmother gifted me The Sorcerers Stone. I, like most of you, have plenty of mis matched socks in my house so what better way to use them then to FREE DOBBY. (only Harry Potter fans will understand).

Wooden Plaque
Paint Brushes
Stencils (I made my own)
Clothes Pins

Harry Potter Shadow Boxes:
While were on the subject of my magical friend, Harry, I made these super cute shadow boxes. Basically I found shadow boxes with a white frame, I am obsessed with the color white right now. I painted on the glass the Platform 9 3/4 symbol and on the other his glasses and lightening bolt. Then I painted the back cardboard that came with the frame, the bricks for the platform and I printed pages from the books and burned the edges. I  am obsessed with them and think the look fantastic!

Shadow boxes
paint brushes
pages from the books

A few other little crafts I have made here and there are signs for the rooms in my upstairs, again I saw this on Pinterest, now no one ever has to ask where the bathroom is. I also created a table runner for my hallway vanity and used the extra fabric to reupholster my folding chairs. And I made pillows for our new couch and for the dogs beds. I also created a string art plague for our living room. This was a little annoying but I figured it out.

I an obsessed, yet again, with the couch pillows. Especially the white faux fur one.

Seems someone else really enjoys the pillow too.

String Art:
One weekend with my girls I decided to get crafty and finally tackle the string art, while I found it relaxing my girls decided they are never doing it again. One quick tip, do NOT nail too close together OR nail into the paper. Oh and take your time, your in charge, not the string.

Wooden Plaque (we stained ours)
Tiny nails and hammer

So Jess had the feather, great job girl and Melissa made Ohio. Melissa learned the hard way about the nails being too close together and nailing in the paper while Jess, well lets just say this will be the only string art she ever does. We had a blast doing it though and made some interesting memories. 

So these are the simpler crafts I have done, at least my favorite ones. The bigger projects are in my next post. I'll let you know about the company we chose to get our couch from, its really fun building your own couch. Also, the table we created to hide our dogs cage and the awesome coffee table we made out of crates. If you have any creative craft ideas you want to add below please do so, I would love to try some new things. 

Signed Opinionated Fashionista 


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