Crafting? More Like Projecting

As I mentioned, I took on some larger projects, if you will, over the last few months for my new home, too. The two biggest projects thus far as the table built to go over the dog cage and the coffee table we made form crates. These required help from my husband, though he seems to think he did 75/25 of the work. But I say it was 50/50. :) Did I also mention we had to build our own couch?

The Amazing Dog Cage Table Cover (for lack of cooler name):

So for the dog cage, we had wanted to hide our largest dogs cage for a long time and just never got to it at the old home. Being in our new house we had the space that made sense and well any dog cage is unappealing so we needed to hid it per se. We decided to make it one day on a whim while my best friend, Melissa was in town so she got forced into helping, too. Thanks girl.

Tape Measurer
Nails and Hammer
Paint or Stain (I used a gray stain)
Paint Brush
Fabric (to create the curtain)
Decor (for the top)

We built the table around the cage, we can still pull it off but this way the cage acts as the support. After we built it, Melissa and I stained it with three coats and it dried over night. The following day I bought a navy fabric and stitched the raw edges and I laid the fabric over her cage and we placed the table on top. This saved us money by not having to buy curtain rods or waste the extra fabric. Afterwards we placed a mirror on the wall for a vanity look and I decorated it with a few pillows I made and a lantern, little statues and a dish for keys as the table is by our front door. Our dog, Khloe, loves it. If you have a large dog cage, you should give this a try. There are plenty of other ideas online but this worked for us.

The Couch:

So my husbands sister actually recommended this furniture company called Home Reserve. If you haven't heard of them, look them up. They are a sustainable, renewable, recyclable company. All their parts and pieces are made from recycled materials and can be exchanged and fixed at any time. 

Basically, when you receive the couch it comes in pieces and you build each piece and then connect them to each other. Its like a cool, life size, puzzle. In the beginning you chose the layout, the fabrics even the look and style. Everything can be added to, changed and swapped out. We went with the Movie style couch and added a lounger on the end in a gray suede fabric. With this company you can add to your couch add any time to change the layout or style and switch up the fabric when you switch up your taste or home. Did I mention its supper affordable too, and we received our entire couch in just ten days! Totally worth it and it looks great and was super fun to put together. 

The Infamous Crate Coffee Table:

I love my coffee table. So basically we have been looking for the perfect coffee table since we got our couch, about two months after moving in. I wanted a round, white table with a glass top and a shelf on the bottom. Very specific, I know. Moral of the story, we couldn't find it so I looked on Pinterest of DIY coffee tables and the crate coffee table popped up, we loved the idea. We went and got the crates, a bird for the bottom, paint and legs and put it together. It looks amazing in our living room and everyone we know are obsessed with it. It really is super cute and we spent less than $100 making it. 

Four Crates (painted these white, found at JoAnn Fabrics)
Screws and Drill
1/2 inch thick board (needs to measure the size of the crates when laid out)
Table legs- short (I used the gray stain from the dog cage table to stain these and the bottom board)
Glass top or not, whatever works for you

Honda was extremely pleased with the table. :)

Well besides decorative odds and ends in our home these are the major projects we have completed.
More to come as we already turned a three cube book case into a floating TV Stand and will turn
another one into a window bench and shoe rack. 

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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