Fashion & Family: What "The Hills" Girls Are Up To Now

If you were as obsessed with The Hills as I was then your just as curious as I about what they are up to now. Recently, I decided to check up on what makes them successful, where they are with fashion, are they married, do they have kids, are they still in LA, basically, what is happening now?

Photo: MTV
Lauren Conrad: Instagram @laurenconrad

If you know me, you know I love Lauren Conrad, always have and always will. She is an inspiration to women and young girls and I think has become the most successful of the pact. Currently, Lauren Conrad is known as the modern day Martha Stewart. She is a fashion designer, author of six books, philanthropist, she is crafty, a cook, interior decorator, you name it, Lauren is it!

Photo: lauren
 After The Hills, Lauren came out with her own clothing line LC by Lauren Conrad (sold at Kohls), interesting name considering she hated being called LC on Laguna. Besides LC by Lauren Conrad she always created Papercrown. Papercrown was founded in 2010 by Lauren Conrad and Maura McMenus and hit stores for Fall 2011. Papercrown is a very feminine line for the working and on the go woman who still likes to have a good time and look elegant, flawless. Papercrown also introduced a Bridesmaid line just in time for Lauren's wedding to William Tell in 2014.

Photo: US Weekly
Besides her own lines, Lauren has been a part of Refinery29 and also co-founded The Little Market, a  boutique that supports women in other countries whom create merchandise and get paid for it, a reasonable pay at that, a fairtrade market. Lauren also teamed up with Blue Avocado in 2013 to create a line of eco friendly products.

Lauren is pretty well off and considered one of the most successful reality TV stars, she found a way to part from her past and is no longer considered a Reality TV Star. She is very successful and happy. In January, Lauren announced she is pregnant! I cannot wait to see her become a mother along with all the other titles she holds I know this will be here best.

Kristin Cavalleri: Instagram @kristincavallari
Photo: Instagram @kristincavallari
Kristin has been pretty successful herself. She married NFL squarterback, Jay Cutler, in 2013. They know have three beautiful children, Camden, Jaxxon and Saylor. They currently live in Chicago but last month Kristin announced they were leaving the windy city as Jay is now a free agent. Besides her success in family, Kristin has a shoe line with Chinese Laundry. She has also kept up appearances as a host on the red carpet, TV Guide and Dancing with the Stars.

Whitney Port: Instagram @whitneyeveport
Photo: SoFeminine
Another very successful lady whom seems to be running side by side almost with Conrad. Whitney Port was married in November of 2015 to Tim Rosenman. They are also expecting a baby which Whitney announced in February. After leaving The Hills, Whitney went on to join The City which was cancelled after about three seasons.

Photo: Instagram @Whitneyeveport
Whitney has her own fashion line called Whitney Eve. Whitney is a huge heath and fitness nut and on her blog you can find workouts, fitness style tips and healthy recipes. She also has a link for beauty and lifestyle. In 2011, Whitney released her only book "True Whit: Designing a Life of Style, Beauty, Fun".

Audrina Patridge: Instagram @audrinapatridge

Audrina is currently living in California. She was married to Corey Bohan, yes that same Corey from The Hills and her reality TV show, Audrina, in November 2016. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl name Kirra in June 2016, someone will be one soon!

Photo: People Mag
Audrina took up some acting after The Hills as she made appearances in Sorority Row, Honey 2, Into the Blue 2 and Scary Movie 5. She also appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2010. As we all know Audrina's homes one that was part of The Bling Ring robberies and she got some spotlight after her mom released a statement about Lauren Conrad but Audrina has since grown from these situations and put them in the past making the best of her life and family.

Lo Bosworth: Instagram @lobosworth
Photo: The Lo Down Blog
Lo Bosworth, still besties with Lauren, wrote her first book "The Lo Down" in 2011. Her blog, also named The Lo Down, was voted the best celebrity blog in 2015. She is currently living in New York City and recently opened up about her anxiety and depression which has truly started to help me as I was recently made aware of having anxiety. Learning to maintain it can be really hard so knowing Lo is opening up about hers gives me hope.

Heidi Montag: Instagram @heidipratt
Photo: The Sun
Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. What as she been doing since The Hills, well she had another surgery for a breast reduction as she now regrets her surgeries saying it ruined her life and marriage. She also regrets all the money her and Spencer spent. Heidi has made appearances on Celebrity Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Celebrity Wife Swap, Two different documentaries following the couple famously known as Speidi. She also released an album called Superficial and a clothing line, Heidiwood that both plummeted.

I almost feel bad about Heidi and her story compared to everyone else but everything happens for a reason and she seems to be happy with the life she has. Heidi and Spencer released a book called "How to Be Famous". They are currently living in Spencer's parents beach house in Santa Barbara, rent free.

Photo: E! Online
I follow Heidi on Snapchat and Instagram and she is still really close to her religion, which is a great thing. I think Heidi and Spencer, although I am not their biggest fans, are forced to live with a bad reputation because of their reality TV lives. I hope the best for them both and that they find a way to get out of the spotlight and into a happier, healthier, richer life. She did get one wish though, Heidi and Spencer are expecting a baby along side Whitney and Lauren this year.

Stephanie Pratt: Instagram @officialstephpratt

Stephanie currently lives in London but is back and forth to LA and NYC. She is a star on Made In Chelsea, the british comparison to The Hills, along with Made In Chelsea: NYC. Seems she couldn't stray too far from Reality TV. She also made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother along side her brother and Heidi. Her relationship with her brother has gotten better since the last season of The Hills.

Photo: Instagram @officialstephpratt
Stephanie teamed up with Goddiva for a jewelry line on Meme London. She also released a book 2015, Made In Reality and has a Nutritional Supplements line called NutrtionBySteph.

Well there you have it, successful, fashion forward, family oriented ladies who all found a way to grow up and out of The Hills. But their stories won't end there, you know how this goes....

"The rest is still unwritten..."

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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