Beauty Subscriptions: Choosing The Right One For You

Photo: Ipsy
Beauty subscriptions are everywhere you look. Ipsy, Play! by Sephora, Birchbox, FabFitFun, ULTA Show Your Style, Sisley, BOXYCHARM and even Target has a beauty box. The point is there are plenty of options but, how do you know which one is right for you? You test them out!

Most of these subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. You can try them out for a few months and then cancel the subscription if it's not for you. The top three beauty subscriptions I tried out were Birchbox, Play! by Sephora and Ipsy. I'll tell you my experience and decision, and then you can decide for yourself.

Photo: Birchbox
The first beauty subscription I ever signed up for was Birchbox in 2015. At the time, Birchbox was THE beauty subscription to have. Only $10.00 and I could get samples of five different products to try before I buy. Out of the six months I had Birchbox there was one product I liked, just ONE, a CC Cream called Supergoop! I was obsessed with it as it acts as a foundation, moisturizer, cream, color corrector and it was vegan, no animals harmed. For more information about Supergoop! check out my link here.
March 2017 Box (Photo: Instagram @birchbox)
Besides the one product, which I then purchased from Sephora not, I didn't really like much more about the box. After six months, and finding only one product, I decided to try something new. My friend Nichole recommended Ipsy, same price but name brand products and includes a cute bag. I cancelled my Birchbox subscription and signed up for Ipsy.

Photo: Jenna Falzone
Ipsy, Ipsy, Ipsy. After trying out this subscription, I can say that I still receive it! For $10.00 a month, I get name brand products like Ciate', Tarte and Smashbox. I also get a super cute bag every month, I have about sixteen now since I have kept my subscription going and I also use almost every single thing they send me. Some I even gift to friends and then they sign up for Ipsy! The picture above is still my favorite bag, I am obsessed with the purple polish and fell in love with the face polish. I highly recommend Ipsy if you don't already get it.
April 2017 Bag, Coachella Inspired (Photo: Instagram @ipsy)
Play! by Sephora:
Photo: Sephora
I had Play! by Sephora for about four months. Needless to say, I wasn't a fan. For starters, navigating between Sephora and Play! by Sephora websites is a tad tricky, I never knew which one I was on or how to get back to the other without completely closing out of both. The products that came were not very useful to me except for the Sephora makeup remover and hair oil they sent me. 

March 2017 Bag, Smitten (Photo: Instagram @playbysephorabox)
Play! by Sephora comes with a bag like Ipsy but, it's not a makeup bag that you can use for throwing in your purse. It's a drawstring bag, a mini one. Also, most of the products are Sephora brand that I received and not much to my liking as I like the idea of trying out different brands so I think Sephora is a bit biased with the products they put in. I did like, however, the discount card you get for one time use for that month and since I am a VIB member, Sephora's rewards membership, for Sephora I got points but, you can only use it in store and not online which I thought was really annoying, especially since the kit comes through the mail. Basically, I cancelled my subscription.

I am thinking about trying FabFitFun, also, but right now I only subscribe to Ipsy and it is working for me.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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