Meet My Goddaughter, Anastasia & The Trendy Brands She Will Be Rockin'

Anastasia Aubrielle, My Beautiful Goddaughter, My Little Unicorn
In light of the birth of my Goddaughter, Anastasia Aubrielle, this morning, I figured what better way to talk about a newborn then within fashion. Duh! Who would I be if I didn't?

When we think about fashion, most of us automatically think women's fashion, then men's, then children. What about infants? There are some really fancy and adorable fashion brands out there for those new bundles of joy. Here are five of my favorites.

Kardashian Kids:
Kardashian Kids is fairly new. The brand launched in 2014. The founders are the obvious, the Kardashian triple threat, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. I am obsessed with their kids' brand because its affordable, stylish and basically only for infants and toddlers, 0-24 months. A lot of childrens' brands that include infants and newborns tend to focus more on the older kids and the infant clothes get lost and bland, but not Kardashian Kids. This collection can be found at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Amazon, LORD & TAYLOR and Zulilly. Check out some of my favorites below.
Black Jumpsuit, $27.98, Babies R Us
Stripe Cotton Pants with Suspenders, $36.99, LORD & TAYLOR

Textured Shirt with Chambray Trim, $19.99, Amazon

Pink Zip Up Bomber Jacket, $33.98, Babies R Us
I know what your thinking, expensive right? But Nordstroms' collection is the cutest and trendiest for infants and toddlers. I would definitely splurge a little for these floral dresses for the summer. I would consider this collection to be more of your holiday styling such as Easter or Birthday attire. The brand has its own site and can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue, also. Check out my favorites below.
Floral Vine Skort, $115.00, Nordstrom

Flower Silhouette Dress, $115.00, Nordstrom
Seersucker Romper, $175.00,
Oh, H&M, how I love thee. I love shopping at H&M for myself so when I saw the baby clothes I couldn't resist. Most of the outfits I have gotten my Goddaughter thus far are from H&M. They are super affordable, trendy and 100% cotton so baby is head to toe in softness. Their clothes range from four months old to adult, so there are options for the entire family. I especially love that there are outfits that match the toddlers, so Anastasia and her big sister, Khloe, can be twinsies. So cute! Here's a few I love!
Joggers, $16.99, H&M
Triangular Scarf Bibs, 6-pack, $14.99, H&M

Jeans with Lace Leg, $24.99, H&M

Bow Sandals, $12.99, H&M
Little Me:
Little Me is filled with a large selection of infant and toddler trends. Another really affordable brand. Every new mother is looking to save on clothes, especially as their little ones are growing so fast. Little Me is sold online, Walmart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Target, Amazon and others. They are a pretty popular brand in the baby community. The brand co-branded SwaddleMe in 2015. SwaddleMe is a brand that helps keep babies safely sleeping in their blanket in their cribs. Love it! Here's a few of my favorite picks from their site.
Candy Apple 3-Piece Set, $44.62,
Golden Hearts Swimsuit, $22.12,
Nautical Dress Set, $21.00,
Polka Dot Mesh Popover, $28.00,
Baby Bling Street is new to me but, as soon as I saw their Beauty & The Beast Collection I couldn't help myself. THE CUTEST STUFF EVER! Not exactly cheap but totally worth it. They have everything from sleep to outerwear and even a Natural & Organic section. Everything they sell I would LOVE in an adult size, please. So trendy and stylish, they have tutus, lace, bling and all. Check out the ones I am obsessing over. Jess is going to kill me when she finds out what I splurged on.  
Mae Li Rose Sheer Onesie, $22.00,
Matchback for Big Sis, $42.00,
Beauty & The Beast Tutu, $68.00 for top and bottom
Matchback for Big Sis, $72.00 for top and bottom

There you have it, stylish at EVERY age, literally. I think I am going to head off to do some more shopping. I hope you check out these awesome, fashionable and mainly affordable infant brands. And let me know your favorites that I should check out.
Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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