ProFASHIONALism: Is Fashion Changing What is Considered “Professional” Dress Code?

ProFASHIONalism. Opinionated Fashionista created for young professionals in the fashion industry whom want to dress appropriate yet trendy. I decided I wanted to dig deeper into how fashion is changing the way we perceive professionalism and what is acceptable and that’s how the name came about. Profashionalism will pop up here and there with tips and advice on dressing for success via my opinion. 


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Ever since I became a Merchandising Manager at Victoria’s Secret, I have found that professionalism in the fashion industry is very important to me. How one represents themselves as an individual and how they work based on the importance of their attire. I have been named the “Dress Code Nazi” at work because of how important it is to be that my associates are not only representing our company but their selves as young professionals. 
I always seem to advise those around me about how to dress appropriately and professionally. I think it is very important to stay true to who you are and to follow trends and fashion, but doing it tastefully without disgracing yourself or others. How others interpret you, as a person and a professional, is very important. 


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Digging deeper into this subject has helped open my eyes to how the fashion industry has a large impact on the changing of dress code in the office (or at work) and also in what is acceptable in schools for children. I am eager to really find out what percentage of institutions are sticking to their guns about office attire and the ones that have given in to fashion, how this is affecting business and what other changes are in store for the business world. Victoria’s Secret is one company that has changed their “all black” dress code to a more fashionable approach. Now allowing associates to wear colors other than black and also piercings and tattoos.
I chose to start this blog to not only focus on the importance of professionalism and the fashion industry, but to influence those around me to really think seriously about how people around us are perceiving the things we wear, the way we act and how we approach different situations. With ProFASHIONalism, I intend to give tips and advice on trends that are fashionable yet professional. This will help young professionals, like myself, dress for success while still being trendy. 


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Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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