Sewing Robots of the Future: I Want One!

In deciding what to post about today I did a little research. I kept finding myself with articles about the future of Sewing Robots and decided to do some more research about them and by dammit I want one!
Sewing Robot, Fast Company (photo: Zack Dezon)
Sewing Robots basically are just that, artificial intelligence at its finest, sewing. Business of Fashion, BoF, posted a link back in January about the Sewing Robots being the future of the garment industry and considering we are doing our very best to make labor cheaper and cheaper, not at the cost of humanity, but these Sewing Robots may just be that. They are cheaper than hiring thousands of people and while that sounds pretty shitty as far as employment, unfortunately it is the reality and technology is where it's at. Fashion-Tech at that. 

So let's meet the creator of these Sewing Robots, Jonathan Zornow. He tells Fast Company, "At a certain point,... the hunt for cheaper and cheaper labor must come to an end. Technology is the only way out."
Jonathan Zornow, Founder of Sewbo (photo: Fast Company)
According to Quartz, Jonathan basically said, Sewing Robots, essentially with fast-fashion growing, will be able to produce a variety of garments in half the time of humans, shorten the supply chains and lessen lead times that happen the fashion industry. In October, the founder of the startup company Sewbo, Jonathan Zornow, claimed to have made a break-through in Sewing Robots as he figured out a way to have a machine completely sew together a T-shirt. Using a special chemical, Sewbo, that basically turns the fabric into almost a sheet metal so that the machine can produce the garment and then rinsing it when done which brings it back to its normal state. The chemicals are made of liquid polymers which can be turned into thermoplastic composites and treated like hard metals. That shit is awesome!

With all the advances in the automobile and aviation industry it was amazing to Zornow that the garment industry was still relying on a human feeding a garment into a sewing machine. That's when he decided to do more research and come out with a way to create an entire garment, everything cut, stitch and thread, with just a machine. The sewing machine feeds the stiffened fabric into the machine and after its complete, the garment is soaked in water, no detergent needed, and returns back to it's natural state. 

Sewbo T-Shirt (photo: Fast Company)
According to Fast Company, "Sewbo is only a year old, but Zornow says he is already fielding dozens of inquiries from overseas factories, where almost all of the clothes on U.S. backs are now made." But, there are "limitations" states Jonathan. " Since the material needs to be completely wet, certain fabrics such as wools or leather are out of the question." It takes about 30 minutes for the machines to create a single t-shirt but, he believes it will take less time when placed in an assembly line for manufacturing, mentions Fast Company. 

Again, this shit is amazing. I am not one for science or technology realistically but this invention is crazy good. How far we have come with technology is astronomic and it can really only get better from here. I can't wait to see this in action and like I said before, I want one! For more information check out Sewbo online. 

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