Under The Influence: 5 Trends for Fall Fashion

Autumn is among us, and what is better than fashion in the fall? Being my favorite season, I am always looking for the next trend to rock with my boots, scarves and the cold weather. The top five trends that have influenced me this seasons are:

Classy Chokers

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevigne have influenced this ‘90s trend. Chokers are being paired with just about everything from swimwear to formal attire. What was once a teen charade is now sophisticated couture. But don’t even think about racing to the gumball machine for that tattoo looking mockery, chokers now are made of velvet ribbon and twisted, dainty metals. No more twenty-five cents for a choker, some are ranging in the hundreds and thousands. This trend has taken over Instagram so you might as well get on board with it. Trend Tip: Wear a black velvet choker with a pair of leather, lace up combat boots and skinny jeans. 


                                             Photo Credit: Pinterest

Dusty Rose Pink

Dusty Rose, the new neutral. This hue, for the fall season, takes a play off of one of the Pantone Colors of the year, Rose Quartz. Dusty Rose is EVERYWHERE. Fashionista has called it “Tumblr Pink” and recognized it as a “branding” color for companies such as Acne Studios, Delish and Thinx. The color has been seen on the runway paired with yellow as a trend for next season. It is being worn by all genders alike and is a huge impact on the gender-neutrality movement. Trend Tip: I recommend a Dusty Rose long, wool jacket paired with a pair of over-the-knee tan boots.


                                          Photo Credit: Ishawadhwa

Off The Shoulder Tops

Date night just got better. Shoulders out, is officially in! Whether it’s fully off-the-shoulder or a peekaboo effect, the shoulders are sexy and they are out. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo have been seen rocking this trend. On the red carpet or paired with boyfriend jeans, this style is mixed and matched everywhere. Trend Tip: Wear this from day to night by adding a blazer during office hours and take it off as your leaving to head out.


                                             Photo Credit: Glamour 

Wearable Technology: iWatch Series 1 & 2

Have you gotten your new iWatch or iPhone7? I have! Wearable technology may have made its way into fashion a few years ago, but with the release of the new iWatch Series, fashion goers everywhere are rocking this new gadget. Apple released new colors of the wristband, and just like last year, there is a brown leather Hermes band ($1500).  If you haven’t gotten yours yet or at least preordered it, you might be waiting until the end of this month for more to come in. Good luck! Trend Tip: You can switch up all the bands, save money and buy from Casetify or Amazon to switch it up with your outfits!


                                              Photo Credit: t3.com

Bomber Jackets

Everywhere I go I see bomber jackets. H&M has lots of them for starters. Who better to own the trend than Kanye West (at least in the US, David Beckham is rocking it in the UK). But don’t let fall stop you from wearing this trend after November, Bomber Jackets are available for all seasons and apparently occasions. Whether you grab is for the office or date night, get yourself one of these pronto. Trend Tip: I recommend styling it with a pair of ripped jeans and heeled boots.


                                           Photo Credit: Ali Express
Well there you have it, my favorite influences for the fall season. I can’t wait to wear a dusty rose bomber jacket with a black off the shoulder crop top, paired with ripped jeans, a velvet ribbon choker and my new iWatch. :) 
Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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