Fitness: Living A Healthy & Stylish Lifestyle

Looking good working out has never been so easy. Between athleisure and millennials, fitness gear has taken a stylish turn. For the better, that is. It's fun to workout when you look and feel great. 

I am not a gym person but I love to workout at home or with friends. My favorites are cardio like doing the treadmill, going for a walk, hiking on the trails or doing the elliptical and stationary bike. I also love doing yoga at home and meditating (really helps with my anxiety). But, when I workout with friends I would rather be doing something fun, new and upbeat like Zumba. These days, with my anxiety, I have been open to trying new things and anything that takes away my anxiety or stress levels is perfection. 

I put together three super cute outfits for the gym, yoga, working out at home or with friends and a look when leaving the gym. No matter where or how you work out, living a healthy lifestyle will keep you young, fit and happy, and with these looks you will be stylish, too. 
Get This Look Styled By Me at Polyvore 
Get This Look Styled By Me at Polyvore 
Get This Look Styled by Me at Polyvore
Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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