From Presidential to Street Style: The Obama's Are Fashion Forward

It's no secret that Barack Obama has been one of our favorite presidents to date, and that his family is intelligent, beautiful and very fashion forward. Since wining the election in 2008, the Obama's, Michelle especially, have been noticed for their stylish looks. 
The Obama's, White House State Dinner, March 2016, Photo: Google
Let's begin with the "Beyonce'" of the family, as Barack considered her to People Magazine. Starting in January of 2009, Michelle wore a beautiful Jason Wu gown for the inaugerational ball, "I wanted the dress to be powerful and feminine. It had to represent hope, and white is like a clean slate. We are starting a new chapter in our country and I wanted the dress to represent that", Jason Wu explains to Essence in an interview in 2009. She sure did rock this dress with a huge smile!
Michelle Obama, 2009, Wearing Jason Wu, Photo: Essence
Since being noticed for her couture style, Michelle has been on the cover of Vogue Magazine THREE times in her eight years in the White House. First in March 2009, then in April 2013 and most recently December 2016. Along side Jackie O, Eleanor Roosevelt and Hilary Clinton, Michelle has the most covers of all the First Ladies of America.

December 2016
April 2013
March 2009
She has had her downfalls such as the beautiful Michael Kors dress she wore for her official White House portrait. She received criticism about the dress being immodest and not very First lady-like (I think she looked great!). Michelle is so much more than her style, though. She also changed America's thinking on healthy eating, especially for our children. The Obama's are a stylish and FIT fam thanks to her.
Michelle Obama, 2012 White House Portrait, Wearing Michael Kors, Photo: NY Daily News
Her most recent style was called "Vacation Chic" by Vogue, as the Obama's were spotted in Italy. Michele opted for a "day off" and wore white, distressed, cut off jeans and a shoulder showing pink ensemble. She also wore dark shades, hoop earrings and the cutest cross body bag. 
Michelle Obama, Italy, Photo: Vogue
We all know Michelle has style but what about Barack and their daughters? 

While Barack's style as President was clean, cut and tailored, he is really stepping out of his presidential shell. Recently, with Michelle, he was spotted in Milan, Italy wearing his normal tailored suit but rocking an unbuttoned shirt and no tie (GASP!). He is also being considered a New Street-Style Star by The Cut, as he wore jeans, another unbuttoned shirt, a brown leather jacket (friends and family say he loves this jacket and has owned it for a long time but could never really wear it as President) and dark shades. Ok then, Mr. Obama.
Barack Obama, May 2017, meeting former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Milan, Photo: NY Mag
Barack Obama, May 2017, NYC, Photo: The Cut
Malia Obama, the oldest of the Obama daughters, really stood out in 2011 when she wore a yellow dress designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Elizabeth & James line. Since then she has been seen wearing Zara, TopShop, Kate Spade, American Apparel, Naeem Khan, ASOS and seems to enjoy lots of pattern mixing. 
Malia Obama, 2011, Photo: Instyle
Malia's most recent look is NYC Street Style. Her Street Style consists of brands such as Alexander Wang, Timberland and Converse (she LOVES her converse). Malia is 18 years old now (feel old, yet?), and living in NYC where she is said to be interning. She is taking a year off before starting college this fall, and said to be heading to Harvard. You go, girl!
Malia Obama, NYC, Photo: Harper's Bazaar
Malia Obama, Interning in NYC, Wearing Converse, Photo: Harper's Bazaar
And last but not least is the baby of the bunch, Sasha Obama. Sasha is just 15, turning 16 next month, and still attending high school in Washington, DC. This will keep the Obama's close to the White House until, at least, she graduates next year, 2019. Sasha was just seven years old when her favorite was elected president but that doesn't mean her mother didn't make sure she was stylish. In 2009, Sasha rocked an orange J.Crew Jacket for the inauguration. She was just so tiny and adorable.
Sasha Obama, 2009, Photo: Instyle
Since 2010, Sasha has been known for her signature topknot hairstyle. In 2013, she killed Street Style matching her topknot with Doc Martens and colored skinny jeans. She looked like a total badass.
Sasha Obama, 2013, Photo: Instyle
Her most recent spotting was in January 2017 on the beach in Miami with friends. Sasha wore paisley printed shorts while out with Joe Biden's daughter, Maisy, and paired her black bikini with an off the shoulders white top. 
Sasha Obama, January 2017, Miami, Photo: Harper's Bazaar
There you have it. No matter where they are, the White House, the beach or on the streets of NYC, the Obama's are stylish and keep up with all the hottest designers and newest trends. Each Obama has a signature style whether it's Baracks' tailored suits, Malia's converse or Sasha's topknot, they each bring something to the table in the fashion industry. I sure am going to miss them, I already do!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista.


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