#MetKawakubo: The Art of the In-Between

As promised, here is a look into the Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons Exhibit at The Met. Remember you can see it yourself between May 4-September 4, 2017.
The Art of the In-Between, Photo: The Met
The Exhibit is broken down into nine sections and set up as an "artistic intervention", nothing like I have ever seen at The Met before. Rei Kawakubo is the first designer on display solely since YSL in 1983. Rei is all about originality and reinventing herself and fashion at the start of every new collection. The Exhibit shows her way of creating wearable fashion that looks like art, although she does not this of herself as an artist but a designer.  Here are the nine sections broken down with a few photos to showcase. Enjoy!

1. Absence/Presence:
"Red Ensembles in three different collections"
Entrance, Photo: The Met
Red Dresses, 3 Different Collections, Photo: The Met
2. Design/ Not Design:
"The idea of the unfinished... juxtaposition."
The Future of Silhouette Autumn/winter 2017–18
Dress of brown paper, Photo: The Met 
Dresses from collection between 1998-2010, Photo: The Met
3. Fashion/Anti-Fashion:
"Early forms from the 80s, showing in Paris"
Dresses from the early 80s collections, Photo: The Met
4. Model/Multiple:
"Abstract...34 skirt with the illusion of uniformity...the idea of one skirt but every skirt was different."
Summer 2014 Collection, Photo: The Met
“Fashion is not art. You sell art to one person. Fashion comes in a series and it is a more social phenomenon.” (1998), Photo: The Met

5. High/Low:
"Street Style...a ballerina had bad taste...Harley Davidson meets Margaret Fontaine."
Ballerina Motorbike, Spring 2004, Photo: The Met
Bad Taste, Autumn/Winter 2008-2009, Photo: The Met
6. Then/Now:
"Garments that look at her history with specific garments...her experience with in-betweenness."
Birth, Marriage, Death, Photo: The Met
Past, Present, Futur, Photo: The Met
7. Self/Other:
"The idea of hyper-identities that blur the identities of conventional definitions of culture, gender, and age"
Cubisme, Spring/Summer 2007, Photo: The Met
East/West, Photo: The Met
Male/Female, Photo: The Met
Child/Adult, Photo: The Met
8. Object/Subject:
"More about hybrid bodies...where the dress and the body becomes one...a celebration of deformity"
Body Meets Dress/Dress Meets Body, Spring/Summer 1997, Photo: The Met
9. Clothes/Not Clothes:
"Radical Rupture...fashion as objects on the body"
Form/Function, Photo: The Met
War/Peace, Photo: The Met
Abstraction Representation, Photo: The Met
Life/Loss, Photo: The Met
Order/Chaos, Photo: The Met
Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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