Pink: The New Nude

Pink has by far been my favorite color since my rebel stage in 9th grade. I took a turn to baby blue for about a year and rebelled against pink to strike my feminist view on girls always loving the color pink just because they are girls. But I soon decided "screw what people think", I can't live without the color so here we are years later and pink and black still reign in my closet. The obsession is so real that I was married in a blush dress. 

Here's some awesome pants, dresses and shoes adapting to the trend now. From dress pants to running shoes, blush is IT!
Get The Looks here: Pink Pants
Get The Looks Here: Pink Dresses
Get The Shoes Here: Pink Shoes
Pink has been trending now for at least the last two years, being called the new nude, and I would agree. The blushes and pastels of the hue are the hottest of the trend. Starting at fashion week for Fall/Winter 2015, the runways were covered in pink. From Dolce & Gabbana to Alexander McQueen, blush was a "haute" commodity.
Fashion Week F/W 15 Photo: The Lady Loves Couture
Millennial women seemingly love this color. Not sure what group that is, millennials were born between 1982 and 2002, so yes thats basically YOU and all your siblings, at least me and mine. We are causing a ruckus. Pink, once considered the mantra of Barbie and bubblegum is now a stature of sophistication and "girlboss-ness". Rethink Pink! That's right, pink is no longer just a feminist color, men have adapted to the light hue, too.
Mens Trends include blush, navy and gray, Photo: Pinterest
Don't think Pink is just trending in fashion now, but also in the home interior side of the world. Paint colors have hit the stores for 2017 in all shades of the color. Ranging from blush to salmon, even showing up as a couch and not just an accent pillow. There are plenty of designs out there that include  an all pink living room, dining room or kitchen. I'm not kidding, check out these awesome trends below and how to pair it with other colors. 
Blush Decor, Get The Pieces Here: OpinionatedFashionista Polyvore
Blush is the new nude. Clothes, Accessories, shoes, handbags, lamps, you can pair the color with almost anything. For the spring, try pairing it with Pantone's color of the year: Greenery, which happens to be trending in weddings for the Spring and Summer seasons. Greenery gives blush the hit of nature its looking for.
Wedding Trends: Blush & Greenery, Photo: Pinterest
Home Interior Trends: Blush & Greenery, Photo: Polyvore
Personally, I love pairing blush with black, gray, gold and even navy hues. My living room happens to be gray, navy and blush, an elegant nautical scheme. I am obsessed with how blush can be paired with almost any other color, living up to the name of the new nude. 
Home Interior Trends: Blush & Charcoal, Photo: Pinterest
What do you love to pair with this years newest nude? Not sure if you are loving the trend, Refinery29 gives us 25 reasons to love it again. Whether you like it or not it looks like pink is staying in our trending sight for a while so get used to it, I know I am loving it and always have!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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