Projecting: My Vanity Got A Facelift

Hello! As promised, I am posting about updating my vanity. I got my vanity four years ago and the only thing I have changed is the fabric on the seat a few times. As for the vanity, I hated the color, and originally wanted to make it look very old and antique-y, if you will, but then I changed my mind and went for a more modern and clean look.
Mirage Pink from Behr, It looks White and then Pink in the Light :)
Here's what you need:

  • Vanity (or whatever you are giving a facelift to)
  • Sandpaper (or a sander, we had both)
  • Wet Washcloth or Papertowels
  • Newspaper, Plastic Table Cloth or Garbage Bags
  • Paint Brushes, Medium Size
  • Paint that is Semi-Gloss with a Finish (I went with Behr, Mirage Pink)
Step 1: Sanding
To begin, make sure you you take all the drawers out of the vanity and unhook the mirror. Also, remove (and clean) all hardware so it doesn't get painted. 

In order to get a beautiful, clean and smooth finish in the end you will need to clean and sand the vanity. I was able to sand the stool, drawers and legs of the vanity completely down but the top surface and sides of the vanity were difficult because of the gloss it had on it. So I cleaned it really well and sanded it as much as possible and painted over it. I am sure there was something I could have gotten to help but, lets face it, I am impatient so this is what I did. 

After you are finished sanding, make sure to use a wet washcloth or paper towel to wipe everything down, this will get rid of the shaving from sanding and clean the surface for a clean, smooth finish. 
Vanity Stool Ready For Paint
Step 2: The Mirror
You have to be careful with the mirror which is why I am considering this a separate step. You can do what I did and head over to YouTube to see how to prepare the mirror for painting.

I was able to sand down my mirror before covering it but I do NOT recommend it, the sand paper can scratch the mirror. Using the newspaper, cover the mirror and tape it down. Make sure you ONLY cover the mirror and not the frame, remember you have to paint it still. Once it is fully covered you're ready to sand and paint.
Mirror is Sanded, Covered and Ready to Paint
Step 3: Painting
Now that everything is sanded, cleaned and prepared you can start to paint. Make sure you READ the paint can for instructions on drying times and such. For example, my paint can said one hour to dry but two hours to dry for a second coat. I needed two coats for the finish I was looking for. Make sure you paint outside or somewhere you are not too worried about if paint splashes or drips. Place the pieces on a cheap, plastic table cloth or we used garbage bags.

After I was done painting I made sure to clean the brushes, just in case I needed them the following day after everything was 100% dry. Make sure you get every crease, every side, every detail on the vanity, mirror and stool. Once the drying is done, you can pull (slowly and carefully) the newspaper off of the mirror and make sure nothing bled through. If any paint got on the mirror you can wipe it off with windex, water and vinegar or check online for other options, DO NOT use a razor.

Step 4: Putting Everything Back Together
Now that everything is dry and completed, place the hardware back on the drawers, secure the mirror to the vanity, add the cushion seat back to the stool and voila! (For the stool, we replaced the wood the seat was attached to, added new cushion and a faux fur fabric.) I love how my vanity looks!
All Hardware Is Re-Attached
Here is the BEFORE and AFTER:

Let me know what you think or any tips or tricks you thought worked better!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista 


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