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Yea, you heard that right. The new trend is PomPoms and no I'm not talking about your cheerleading, "rah, rah" kind of PomPoms. I am talking about those colorful, come in all sizes, crafting pompoms. Like these:
Photo: Factory DirectCraft
Now this trend is all of the place between beauty and fashion and even home design. I mean in your hair, on your clothes, hanging from your purse, on your pillows, added to your shoes and all over your face (yes, your face!). But where did this shit start at? In 2015, the keychains broke out, even I fell into this and have a gray, faux fur, PomPom dangling from my purse zipper.

By the end of 2016, fashion and beauty bloggers were rocking pompoms on their heels, accessories and tops. But now, Refinery 29 showed us on Snapchat today the newest beauty trend all over Instagram, Pom Pom Makeup. No joke. They did another "we tried it so you didn't have to" video and I just don't think I am cool enough for this trend. But check out these looks below.

These are the more elaborate, for the runway and editorial only looks (well I hope). I don't expect to see these looks on the street or everyday:
Photo: Instagram @punchingpictures
Photo: wordpress 
Photo: instagram @tropbellespourvous
And these are the more subtle, I would probably try and would probably see everyday looks that our fashion bloggers are wearing:
Photo:Instagram @tinkyaraya
Photo: Bustle
Crazy right? Well if you are loving this trend like I am not, here is a link to how to apply:

Besides makeup, here are some other PomPom trends I am actually loving:
Photo: Instagram @Pastelprettiness
Photo: Macy's Steve Madden
Photo: Instagram @Scraffs
Photo: Instagram @PastelPrettiness
Photo: Instagram @Burdlifeofficial
Photo: Stylesweekly

Photo: Red Soles and Red Wine
Photo: Blue and White Home
Photo: FASHION Magazine
Well, enjoy (or don't enjoy) rocking these PomPom trends. Let me know how you are accessorizing with these crafty little fluff balls. And remember, keep them faux, bitches, save the animals.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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