Fall 2017: Campaigns To Obsess Over

Coach Fall 2017
While Selena Gomez seems to be the Fall 2017 face of Coach, this "top-to-bottom" brand has expanded from a Mall brand to a fashion empire most expected on the Fashion Week calendar every year. Set in the 1970's, Coach's new campaign has been described as a "Love Letter To New York" by Refinery29. The models pose with their Coach bags on the subway with a red and yellow tinted filter. This collection is being called a juxtaposed "romance of the great American outdoors with early New York hip hop". 
Coach Fall Campaign Photo: Fashionista
Louis Vuitton Fall 2017
Hello, Jaden Smith. Yes, that's right, if you haven't noticed yet, Will and Jada's kids have been influencers in the fashion industry for a few years now. Last fall, for the Louis Vuitton Series 5 Campaign, Jaden was called "The New Man In A Skirt", by The New York Times. According to them, in 2015, Unisex became a thing in fashion and in 2016, the question of gender and dress was a different dimension. This Fall 2017, Jaden is back with the Louis Vuitton Series 7 Campaign, and posing with his dreads, this time on his head, not in his hands (apparently this was shot before the Met Gala). 
Louis Vuitton Fall Photo: WWD
Dior Fall 2017
Jennifer Lawrence takes place in the Dior Fall Campaign in standing with feminism. She was named the brand Ambassador in 2012 and has been with them every since. "Into the Blue" and "Chic Army" are the phrases circling the fashion industry about the Dior Campaign. With head to toe denim mixed with ombred tulle couture skirts and a tailored jackets with Parisian Berets. Dior has kicked it up with some of the industries top models such as Ruth Bell, Selena Forrest and Jing Wen. Such diversity is so empowering to see. 
Dior Fall Photo: Elle Magazine
Versace Fall 2017
"Versace is celebrity Unity, Love and Togetherness", says Donatella . The Fall 2017 Campaign is full of diversity, equality and power. Its a movement. Models such as Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill and Mica Arganaraz are plastered in bold prints and tailored jackets. A staple for the Fall 2017 season. The whole point of their campaign to create photographs of people standing up together for everyone around the world. 
Versace Fall Photo: Fashionista
Kate Spade Fall 2017
I basically chose this campaign because my best fried, Melissa, is OBSESSED with cats. This one kinda looks like Neville, minus being skinny. I love this campaign because it includes cats, snow leopards and other feline friends. The Spring 2017 campaign brought "Morrocco to New York" with camels in the crosswalks. This Fall, Kate Spade New York is inspired by 1920s Paris and shot with model and influence Fernanada Ly in a New York Diner, "Fernanda captures our brand aesthetic perfectly, and truly embodies the Kate Spade New York girl," says Deborah Lloyd. 
Kate Spade New York Fall Photo: Fashionista
Miu Miu Fall 2017 Campaign
Titled "Preservation Hall and Other Stories", Miu Miu embodies some of the best models and actresses in the biz. Set in a New Orleans and 1970s influence, Miuccia Prada called it, "the madness of glamour in this time, in front of a very uncertain future". Miu Miu always brings us bright colors and this time we got psychedelic prints filled with wild energy. 
Miu Miu Fall Photo: Refinery29
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