Marble Mugs: What We Knew & Wished We Knew

DIY Unicorn and Harry Potter Marble Mugs
My besties, Melissa and Jess, came over this weekend for a girls weekend so you know what that meant... CRAFTING! Stumped on what to make, we decided to try out the marble coffee mug trend. Have you heard of it? If not, here is a video on what I am talking about from Audra Kurtz.

So as we see in the video, here are the tools you will need for this project:
  • White Mug
  • Nail Polish
  • Warm or Hot Water
  • Large Container 
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper towels
Things we KNEW about this project:
  • Super cute, simple and easy to do. 
We found the craft on Pinterest originally and immediately did it. I think they turned out really good but honestly we could have done a bit more research before crafting. Regardless, we had a blast doing it!

Things we WISH we knew about this craft are:
  • Closing off the inside of the mug with tape. You do NOT want to get the nail polish inside, nail polish is toxic and so is the acrylic sealer we wish we knew to grab to seal the polish on the outside. You do not want this to melt with the hot liquids and drink it. Sure, you can use nail polish remover to get it from any unwanted areas but honestly its a bitch trying to get all the polish from the inside with a cotton ball and its time consuming and you risk messing up the outside design when going around the top with the remover. Just tape it off and I recommend only doing the bottom and halfway up, leave space to put your mouth on the cup to drink from it. 
  • Do not waste time putting the polish colors into the water. The more polish you add, and the longer you take, the nail polish starts to dry in the water and can make your design chunky. Not a good look.
  • You want to get an acrylic sealer. The sole purpose is to keep the design in tact, but no matter what you use these are still not 100% dishwasher safe! Yes, you will have to hand wash them or risk losing you hard work. 
While there are things we knew and didn't know, I think we did a great job and learned for next time. I am writing this so YOU know what to do before starting! Research the best tactic for you and look up plenty of designs before settling on just one. I can't wait to give this another try but here's what mine and the girls' turned out to be!

My Mugs:
I chose a white mug and wanted to do two different designs. We know my Harry Potter obsession so that happened and I love the unicorn trend so I chose to create a unicorn mug. I also went the extra mile of using black polish to draw a unicorns features and a flower crown and for the Harry Potter mug I drew the deathly hallows symbol on one side and glasses and a lightening bolt on the other!


Melissa's Mugs:
Melissa is always thinking outside of the box, she decided to use a gray mug rather than white and double dipped hers. This added a thicker and stronger coat of polish and the results speak for themselves!
Jessica's Mugs:
Jess added a glitter nail polish to hers and I think they turned out super cute, she was going for the mermaid trend vibe and mixed blue, pink and purple in with the glitter!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista 


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