Roller Skating: Speeding Back In Style

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HOLD UP! Skating is a THING, again? While Roller-skates originally made an appearance in 1743 and the years following, Rollerskating was at its peak in the 1980s and 90s. But now, it's back! When I was between the ages of like 7 and 12, I LOVED skating. Roller-skating that is. Not to be confused with Roller-BLADING, totally different. I have lived in Akron for almost 10 years and only recently have we seen so many people roller-skating in our area; the park, the trails, downtown, everywhere.

Roller-skating is making a serious comeback. The most recent season of The Foster's, on Freeform, has brought in the sport of Roller Derby, which Mariana joins as her after school activity. Too bad Girard didn't have this as a sport. And just today, Harper's Bazaar showed us Stiletto Skates! Yes, I said that right, Saint Laurent STILETTO Skates. Priced at 1,995 Euros and not very practical, these will be the most badass shoes in your closet! Check these stylish babies out!
Saint Laurent Stiletto Skates
Rollerskating started to make its comeback in the Fall of last year, so almost a year ago. Michelle Steilen, founder of Moxi Roller Skates, decided she was going to revive skating for everyone. Michelle is known as Estro Jen in the roller derby world.

Rollerskating dropped off when roller blading became a thing, she said in a Youtube Video released in September 2016. She fell in love with skating and she is determined to bring the sport back. Her Moxi team consists of twenty-one skaters worldwide. Moxi Roller Skates are created for style, tricks, flips and stunts, not just speed. According to "Great Big Story" her team is taking roller-skating out of the rink and onto the streets.
Rollerskating is a fantastic workout, also. This cross training sport has been described as being equivalent to jogging, helping with fat loss and leg strength development. I don't know about you but I cannot wait to get my Roller-skates for my birthday in two weeks so I can get back into this awesome sport. I NEED a pair of Moxi's. 
Moxi Roller Skates, Photo: Pinterest
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