You Know What's NOT Fun? Pulling A Muscle

You know what sucks? When you pull a muscle and you can't do anything but lay down. Basically, I strained my back today and pulled a muscle. I was told by the doctor no work, no working out, no sex, basically sit or lay down in a comfortable position and don't move. If you know me, you that that is practically impossible for me but in this case anytime I move... PAIN! I am a huge baby when it comes to pain for the faster its gone, the better and JENNA DON'T DO MEDICINE.

So, besides the normal take ibuprofen and muscle relaxers (this didn't happen as JENNA DON'T DO MEDICINE) and ice it for a few days, followed by "moist" heating he called it the days after that, I decided I had to find some home remedies and exercises to help move along the healing process. Here are the things I tried today that have been working. I am still in some pain and can't twist to the left side and reaching for things is definitely out of the question, or lifting but the swelling and inflammation went down and I don't cry every time I move.

Hot Bath w/ Epsom Salt:
So, recently I got a UTI and I am pretty positive its from taking a bath basically every single day for three months straight while dealing with my anxiety but, this legit helped my back. One bath can't hurt every once in a while, right? But take precautions. My husband brought home a Muscle Relaxer Lavender Scented Epsom Salt and I took a HOT bath, not warm, I got that shit hot tub ready and relaxed for about thirty minutes and it helped tremendously. It was about ten bucks and totally worth it and hey, it helps with anxiety and stress, too.

Pending where your pulled muscle is in your back, consult your doctor, but I found legs apart and forward stretching is helping a lot. It is also the most comfortable position for me right now. But I have also found that exercises like Cat-Cow, Corpse, Bent Toe Touch, Knee To Chest, Lying Knee Twist, Piriformis Seated Stretch, Cobra and Child's Pose are the best. Lots of yoga poses, but we know how great yoga is for the body. Please don't overwork your back though and make sure you do these exercises correctly so you don't make your injury worse. Here is a link to how to correctly do some of these poses.

So for the first 2-3 days ice your back every 30-60 minutes. I used those little ice packs with the slush in them that don't harden so that way it formed to my back. Besides ibuprofen, this helps with the swelling and inflammation. After those 2-3 days, the next 2-3 days you will want to put heat on your injury using a hot wash cloth.

A light tissue massage is best to help with the pain and discomfort and also to get the blood flowing to the injured tissue. This also helps loosen the tighten muscle to reduce pain.

These are a few things I have been trying today to heal. I wish it would heal faster but thats not how the world works so keep in mind to be patient, don't get up the next day and go back into your daily routine and hurt it worse. Give your injury a few days to a week to heal, pending what your doctor says. Try some of these home remedies to help the pain, inflammation and healing. Leave me your ideas and thoughts in the comments.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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