PFW Showstopper: Thom Browne's Whimsical World

What was my favorite part of Paris Fashion Week? Could it be Thom Browne and the unicorn? I think so!
Paris Fashion Week (PFW) was held October September 26- October 3. While there were plenty of amazing shows like Chanel "chasing waterfalls", Balenciaga and Kenzo trending Plastic "Wear" for S/S 18 and Saint Laurent having the "venue of all venues" by showing under the Eiffel Tower; Thom Browne stole my heart.

The Thom Browne New York show was on the last day of PFW and was a sight one can never forget.  The collection was vibrant, powerful, whimsical, innovative and fairytale-esque. Being called "seapunk but preppy" and Atlantis meets school girl, Thom Browne mixed bold femininity with and under the sea avant-garde vibe. Models wore seashells and anchors over their nipples, tentacles were creeping out of their garments, school girl uniforms appeared and a white unicorn closed the show, all while walking to The Little Mermaid's "Part Of Your World".
S/S 18 Thom Browne Photo:
Colors of white, periwinkle blue, black, yellow and coral really helped to elevate the collection theme of a Fashion Mermaid. I especially loved the two models in misshapen, white, bubble suits that were similar to Matt Lucases' fat suit. The models danced around the runway making guests laugh. The front of the suits clearly showed the nipple as the feminist movement keeps going strong.
S/S 18 Thom Browne Photo:
Some of the looks were considered representation of a dream or fairytale while others looked like a nightmare. Mismatched patterns, school girl suits, skirts just hanging on by strips of fabric, tulle, fur, this whimsical collection turned all my dreams into a reality and I am obsessing over this collection and show. 

Here is a sneak peek of the show below and the magical world Thom Browne allowed us to be a part of.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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